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Welcome to my unofficial From Beyond Website

Humans are such easy prey.

Based on a H.P. Lovecraft tale, From beyond is one of the wildest films I have ever seen.

Starring the brilliant Jeffrey Combs who plays the mild mannered Crawford Tillingast, apprentice to the dangerously obsessed Dr. Edward Pretorius. Together they create a device known as "The Resonator". Soon things take a turn for the worse when Pretorius starts to lose his mind and finally the machine seems to devour him. In a state of panic Tillingast destroys "The Resonator" but is then blamed for his mentors murder and finds himself thrown into a padded cell.

Enter Dr. Cathrine McMichaels played by the gorgeous Barbara Crampton and a cop played by Ken Foree, they escort Tillingast back to his house of horrors in an attempt to re-create his experiments, Their attempts are all to successful and soon the others are drawn into this hideous machines control. Also called forth are the participants darkest sexual desires. This is where we get to see Barbara Crampton All dressed up in leather, a scene to make any man drool.

With things out of control the film moves towards its climax and we are left waiting to see if "The Resonator" can be destroyed along with the chilling Pretorius.

This is simply an awesome film.

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