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Jerry Dandridge is undead....a one thousand year old vampire.
Only a very few know his true name.
His origins are in the eastern European country of Romania (Transylvania).
He has a sister named Regine, who is also a vampire.
He came to Rancho Corvalis for unknown reasons and began killing the local people (the homeless, prostitutes, etc...).
Until his neighbor, a teen named Charley Brewster became a thorn in his side.

The handsome Mr. Dandridge...

Charley calls the police and tells them Jerry is a murderer, but when he mentions that his neighbor is also a vampire, his credibility is gone.


Jerry pays the Brewsters a visit and gets an invitation into the house from Charley's mom, Judy.
Later that night, Jerry makes a return visit, giving the boy a choice...either forget about him and tell no one else or die.
Charley answers the vampire invader by wounding him with a pencil...Jerry flees.
Charley then goes to actor and host of Fright Night, Peter Vincent and asks him to help him kill Jerry.
Peter thinks Charley is insane and refuses.
Charley's friends

For whom the bells toll?

To save Amy, Charley and Peter arrive at Jerry's house to destroy him.
The vampire-hunters destroy his servant, Billy and Ed.
Jerry meets with a fiery end, when Peter and Charley break all the blacked-out windows in the cellar of his house. He is destroyed by the rising sun.