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Ernest Scared Stupid

"The first step in treehouse construction, which I will refer to as 'step one' (holds up two fingers)..."

Okay. So the question on your mind right now is: "Why? Why would anyone devote an entire website to the silliest film of 1991, Ernest Scared Stupid?" And you know, that's a damn good question. To keep it short and sweet (I can't imagine you will be hanging around here for very long), I woke up this morning wondering if anyone else could possibly love this movie as much as I do. After that, I began to wonder if anyone else loved this movie at all. Then I started to wonder if anyone else even liked it. And then my thoughts led to this . . . who on earth besides my mother, my closest friend, and my husband (whom I have subjected this movie to every Halloween for the last decade), even remembers it? Ernest! Scared Stupid! It's a great movie! If anyone else has enjoyed this movie, or better yet, has a tradition of watching it every year around Halloween, let me know and please sign my guestbook. I know guestbooks are traditionally a corny way for people who build websites to gather compliments for their ego, but that's not the kind of entry I want you to make. Just tell me what you thought about the movie or which parts you enjoyed. Let me know that I am not alone! I'm very curious to see how many people actually typed the words "Ernest Scared Stupid" into a search engine and came to my site. Along with my guestbook, here's as much information I could dig up on this fantastically cheesy Jim Varney feature film.

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created October 23, 2001