BEFORE WE SAY THIS STUFF WE JUST WANNA FORMALY APOLOGISE TO MTV FOR RIPPING THEIR CRAP OFF SO BAD. Here's a story for the kids Welcome to Dumbasscrap this is a story about two young teenagers from the craphole we call horley, and one from a nearby craphole called salfords. It all started one day in year 7 when Ben and Ross first met in their first form meeting on the first day of oakwood high school. Ben and Ross hated eachother at first but they shared a common cause, William Wells. They soon became friends and then Ben met Tom one fateful day in his first cooking lesson(unfortunately that was the first day he met Chris handscomb aswell) The three joined forces soon after to fight the evil of Mason ,the mad einstein lookalike. Soon they discovered that mason was not evil but just a misguided soul on his way to helping the trio on their way to greatness. The three soon discovered that they could do almost(and i say almost) anything if they put their minds and their dickheadedness together. One sunny day they were on their way to meet the great and powerful !!!DAWS!!! who was at his house downloading more porn. the trio were yet to discover a discarded spare tire cover for a range rover and ripped off the leather sides to find that it could be used as a weapon of great magnitude (an uber assboard) they soon found a hill to use this weapon on as Ben drew his video phone, Tom his ass of great bravery(and now pain),and ross his errm... This was one of the funniest things that they had ever seen so they decided to distribute this footage across the internet and soon primetime TV to share with the world and inspire dumbasscrap's across the world to follow in their footsteps. And so was formed, !!!DUMBASSCRAP!!!

Email: dumbasscrap@hotmail.com