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Photography 1999-2007


Panama City, FL

Northern Pennsylvania

More Northern PA

Montana & Wyoming - 2002

Indiana University Student Union; Morrison Hall; Jordan Hall - February, 2003

The Indianapolis Zoo

Out West...


Black and White Colorado & Grand Canyon

The Hoover Dam


The following were taken during a 2004 road trip from Blomington, IN to Hilton Head, SC...

The Smokey Mountains between Tennessee and North Carolina.

Cherokee, North Carolina

The beautifully historic Savannah, Georgia.

And finally the beach at Hilton Head.

Shots of a non-feline Lilly at my last Bloomington, IN apartment!

My article of fame from 2004

Wil (aka, Willy, Wilbur, William Philip Feline, Williburton, Burton, Burt, the list goes on...):

Lillian (aka, The Devilís Apprentice).

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