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Name: Jill "Dreamluvr"
Eyes: Blue    Hair: Brown    Height: 5'9"   

Dreams: To be a movie star   
Goals: To make a difference  
Location: Land of Opportunity
Age: 22    Sex: F

Hopes: To witness a miracle

Hi everyone, welcome to my world! I have created this site so to keep in touch with friends, and to show everyone how I view the world.
This site was created on February 8th, 2002.


January 2,2006

Hey everyone, sorry it has been so long since I updated! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate) and a fantastic New Year! I found out my brother and sister-in-law will be back home in the states at the end of January! I am flying to Houston to see my best friend have her baby and get another tattoo in February, and come home to go see my favorite band Yellowcard in concert! Hope this finds you well, hit me up... If you are a Myspace geek like me, add me to your friends at My Profile! Hope to talk to you all soon!

November 21,2005

So I finally decided to revamp My Pics so that all of My Old Pics are separate! There are not a lot of current pics at this time, but more to come soon!

October 24,2005

On this day, we remember and celebrate the life of Trevor Jeremy (T.J.) Franks. Looking back, six years ago today, though tragic and unexpected, T.J. left this world infinitely better than anyone could have imagined. Though we were not childhood, lifelong friends or lovers, the seemingly short time that I had the honor of knowing this kind soul has changed my life forever. He was my idol and my friend. He helped me realize what I want to do with my life...

I have dreamt of times and places I could have sworn were real, until they faded away into the depths of my mind to wake into the world desperate for just one more moment together.

I know he is in a better place and he tells me he is okay, I know where ever he is, he is watching and I hope that he is proud. So on this day, I try not to remember the bad, but cherish the good and celebrate the life that I have been blessed and the life of those I care about.

I try to live my life, remembering this quote from the first and only play T.J. and I were ever in together... "How many of us would be willing to settle when we were young for what we eventually get? All those plans we make. . . what happens to them? It's only a handful of the lucky ones that can look back and say that they even came close." --T.J. Franks as Grandpa in Kaufman and Hart's "You Can't Take It With You"

T.J. your life has touched many and we will never forget you. And to quote a special song that we all remember... "Every step I take, every move I make, every single day, every time I pray... I'll be missing you."

To those still reading, in memory of T.J. please do something special today to celebrate life, for you never know when it will be gone.

September 24,2005

I have 2 good friends as well as family down in TX, so I hope that everyone pulls through Rita okay, I know it isn't as strong of a storm as Katrina, but it is still a freaking HURRICANE!
I will be full-time at Wynn on October 1st! I am going to dye my hair purple for the GREEN DAY concert on October 6th, and the 7-9th is the REN. FAIRE! I am so excited!! More pics coming soon!

September 1,2005

I got hired at WYNN! I started a few days ago, but my last day at the Colosseum is this Sunday. I will have worked there for almost two and a half years so it will be incredibly difficult to go! But I know that I need health insurance and a full-time job to pay for my expenses (car insurance, and car payment)! It will be a change, but I am looking to recruit some of my Colosseum friends over there with me!

So I was bored and decided to look up what my name means:

Young, downy haired one : Latin
Energetic and courageous you stand up for your beliefs and for what you desire. You are independent, strong willed and fiercely competitive when needed although your ambition is tempered with patience. You maintain a positive attitude and with a more organised or practical approach to life material success is very likely. Your immensely loving and generous nature brings joy into peoples lives and ensures your happiness.

August 17,2005

Greetings to all, I am now 22 years old! I wish I could say that my birthday was the best ever, but I will be honest... it was probably one of the worst. I received some very harsh and depressing and angering news that morning and I am still trying to pick myself back up from it. If you don't know, and WANT TO KNOW, ask me... that way I don't put it out there for those who aren't interested. Anyways, I am now trying to focus on myself and my ambitions in life. I am submerging myself in my tarot cards, and waiting for Wynn to call me with my drug test results. Contingent on the results (I don't know why it wouldn't be fine...) I have the job, and I will be putting in my 2 weeks notice at the Colosseum, my home for the last 2+ years. I am not back to my spunky self, but I feel as though I will get there with time. To all my true friends, thank you for your love and support, I don't think I could get through these rough periods in life without you, and I hope someday to be able to be the same kind of friend to you too.

July 25,2005

The interview at WYNN went really well, and may I say I looked haaaaaawt in my slacks, button-down shirt and jacket?? The next step is background check and drug test, so I got this down, no worries. After that they will decide from the group who to hire. So now I just get to wait for them to decide!

I also have found out that I will be able to volunteer for the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, Camp Cartwheel this summer! Must get the paperwork faxed in today, must get it faxed today....

July 25,2005

The day has come... the opportunity has arrived... today at 6pm I have my job interview at WYNN!! Wish me luck as I go show off the best side of myself and hope that it is what they are looking for!! Expect an update soon! :)

July 17,2005

Been almost a month since an update! Been kinda busy with work, and trying to find more work, and trying to figure out where my life is headed. I have definitely had brighter days, but sometimes we just have to do our best to make things work and get through each day in hopes that the next will be brighter. I have added a link to my Profile on the Menu on the right, so check it out if you like!

June 22,2005

I realized today is the anniversary of my grandmother's death... God, that was a long time ago... I only grew up with one grandparent, and she passed away when I was about 9 years old. Looking back, I wish I had been smart enough to ask her questions about her life and the world in which she grew up in... I would love to hear those stories now. I can't hear her voice anymore, but I remember the hours that were spent sitting next to her singing along as we played songs on her piano... one of my favorite songs was, "Under the Sea" from the Little Mermaid... On this day, I honor you, and remember our times together. I miss you.

HuggaBunch Tickles and Impkins

June 18,2005

College Reflections for SENIOR YEAR is finished! Check it out!

June 16,2005

So check out the short hair!! What do you think? It is so much easier to not really have to care how my hair looks anymore! I think it was a good change that came in the nick of time. I am not sure if I will have enough time to finish my college reflections page today, the library computers are booked up and there is a time limit. So one thing at a time! :) Hope all is well and check back soon!

June 13,2005

I am trying to create a College Reflections for my senior year, and this public library computer is giving me too much cr@p, and it isn't working with me. So please check back soon, and there will be current pics, I PROMISE!!

Guess who doesn't have a ponytail anymore!! ;)

To anyone who was interested, here is my page of The Contender event pictures.

May 29,2005

Well, it has been 12 days since the car accident that totalled my car. I am not as sore or stiff, but I have muscle relaxants for when I need them! For more pics, and the story CLICK HERE. I am trying to get a new job, and another job to fill the daytime hours, until Wynn could offer me full-time employment.

May 21,2005

Well everyone, I am finally a college graduate! The ceremony was pretty dull, couldn't hear anything from where I was seated, the announcer said my name wrong, and I slightly tripped on my way down the stairs. Pretty typical for me I suppose. Well on Monday I drove with Tyler to LA to go see a friend perform at The Magic Castle. On our way home, three days after graduation, just about 5 miles from home, Tyler and I were in a car accident that totaled my vehicle. Everyone involved was fine, I am lucky to just have a few bumps and sore muscles. I am glad to be alive, but I didn't know that I would be starting out the next chapter of my life from the bottom once again. I will still be going back to Colorado on June 3rd until the 8th for a wedding, and while I am there I would love to meet up with any friends from home. Though my email access is very limited right now, you can send me a note or call me and see when everyone is free. I miss you guys and look forward to seeing anyone who is interested. Maybe when I can, I'll upload some pictures of my car and you can see what's left of it. Take care everyone and please, please, please.... Everyone drive safely.

May 2,2005

How many of us, when were young, would be willing to settle for what we eventually get? There are only a few handfuls of us who can even say they even came close... This is a very inspiring saying to me. As I look down the road, I am finally out of college in 12 days, and I will begin the next stage of my life. That saying is something that I will always take with me no matter where I go, no matter what I do. I will aspire to be what I want to be, and not give up to become the adult that I am sure some say I should. I am going to enjoy my life, for it is a gift that I am still here, going strong. I have been very stressed lately, and I am sorry for not keeping up contact with many of you... But things are getting better, the storm is starting to cease, and the sun is coming out to play. I miss you all. Have you checked out yet? If you haven't you should, we can list each other as friends, and you can search for people interested in the same things, as well as if anyone from high school is on there too. Check it out. Here's my profile. Pics to come soon, I can guarantee there will be some after graduation! :)

April 6,2005

38 Days and COUNTING! I have 38 days until graduation. I am so excited! I am trying to get through this semester so I can start the next stage of my life. I am hoping to try to get hired over at Wynn this summer to work in the Avenue Q Theatre when it opens in August. Overall things are going well, will try to put some new pics up here soon, I know it has been FOREVER!! I will do my best, check back later! Time to go to class!

March 9,2005

Smells like California... Today was a beautiful day in Las Vegas, as I walked to class I felt like I was in California, with Sea World around the corner and waves crashing on a sandy beach miles away. I am not even sure why, but it was a great feeling, I know I want to move there someday... I just wanted to throw on a bathing suit and go lay in the sun for awhile, very peaceful... I didn't want to go to class, but I was a good student and went, though I did go lay in the shade on a bench for an hour in between classes ;). Graduation is the weekend of May 14th and all are invited. I will be back in Colorado from June 2-5th (possibly extending through the 8th or 9th) and I look forward to having a little post-graduation party with everyone! I miss you guys! Send me an email if you wanna chat! Hopefully new pics coming soon!

February 2,2005

Hey everyone, to update about my last update... I am on anti-inflammatories for my knees and need to go to physical therapy. I had a great audition, they just didn't see me as one of the characters, so no callbacks, but I did by best and that's all I can give! The Shining was very interesting, glad to say I have seen it now! Jack Nicholson is a great actor, I loved him in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, check it out if you haven't seen it! The Golden Key ceremony was cancelled and has yet to be rescheduled. I am surviving school so far, but I am anxious to get it over with! Robert, my marine friend, is doing okay (staying in contact via email and letters) given the circumstances of where he is, and I pray that he comes home safely. Hope everyone is doing well, and talk to you soon!

January 19,2005

Well, I am officially in my last semester at UNLV. Even though it is only the second day, I am still praying to make it through this weekend. On Friday, I am going to have a consultation at an orthopaedic surgeon's office, to try to fix my broken knees. On Saturday, I am auditioning for UNLV's production of You Can't Take It With You, praying I don't space out on my monologue!! I am going with a few friends to see The Shining for the first time at a movie theater at midnight after work on Saturday, then on Sunday is my induction to the Golden Key International Honour Society, possible callbacks, and work as well. This week is hectic... wish me luck! Love you all!

December 30,2004

As we all are bidding "Good-bye" to 2004, I want to wish you all the best in life for 2005. I wish that our country will finally come together as "One Nation Under God" and realize the consequences of their actions before it is too late. I pray for my friend Robert who is serving in Iraq that he comes home soon, to a homeland that is united by peace, not by war and fear.

Keep Him Safe

December 20,2004

Well half of my senior year is over, grades aren't posted yet... guess UNLV wanted to wait to give them as our Christmas presents! Anyway, I will be in LA on the 22nd-23rd, then in Colorado visiting Tyler's family January 3rd-6th. Seasons Greetings to all, and have an AWESOME new year!

December 9,2004

Sorry it's been awhile since I updated, been very busy around here! I am in the midst of finals week, trying not to pull my hair out by the roots! Luckily after next week things will calm down for a month, before I start my last semester of college! Hope to get some more pics on here soon, and one new posting in the "Who I Am" page but I will let you know as soon as I can!

My friend Jon Armstrong is on the cover of Genii Magazine and I hope to be making a trip to LA to see him perform at the Magic Castle in Hollywood right before Christmas! Check him out, quite an achievement to be on the cover!

November 10,2004

Well we still have the same president, at least I voted so I tried. I am not going to get all political don't worry, at least I got that out there. I just enrolled for my last semester of classes at UNLV. Wow the time has flown by huh? It makes me wonder what to do now, and where we will all be when we see each other again at our high school reunion in 20 years... What are you gonna be?

October 25,2004

Today is the 5 year anniversary of the passing of my friend T.J. Franks. "As I feel the sun shining down on me, and the breeze flowing around me, I feel a sense of tranquility; I feel that you are near... Looking back, I am not angry that you were unable to stay, I am so thankful that you were a part of my life. You touched the hearts of many, and you will be missed."

October 23,2004

Wow, it has been awhile! For that I apologize, I am doing pretty well, this month has been very hectic with auditions for TNT, Yellowcard concerts, midterms, Elton John, (and Tyler & mine's 1 year anniversary is tomorrow!). I updated my Who Am I? page and if you have a few minutes feel free to check it out... Keep rockin' on and email me if you have time!

August 30,2004

In the last month, in chronological order, I chopped my hair off & donated it to Locks-of-Love, I turned 21, partied it up with James Bond, vacationed in Houston with my best friend (who I met online over 8 years ago, got to meet in person for the first time this year), got a tattoo, flew home with a major hangover, and today, started my senior year at UNLV. Will try to get MORE pics on here next week! So check back soon!

August 2, 2004

My 21st bday is this Saturday! I had my facial beauty mark removed about 2 weeks ago, I have lost about 10 lbs, and I am chopping my hair off on Friday! Major changes going on here! Be prepared to see some new pics! Check back soon!

June 19, 2004

Tyler and I are into our new apartment! We have been here for 2 weeks now, and things are finally starting to settle down, since we were unable to have a normal local relationship, suddenly being around each other all the time has definately been a change. None-the-less, I have no doubt in my mind that this is where I am supposed to be.

I am looking forward to my 21st bday on August 7th, hoping to throw a party bash, so anyone that wants to come be a rock star with me on my birthday you are all invited!

May 15, 2004

Hot off the Press! Check out College Reflections from Junior Year!!

May 8, 2004

Man, a whole month without updating... Guess it shows how busy I get sometimes! My Finals start in 4 days and I am freaking out, at least about one anyways... I am stylin' now because yesterday I got a NEW CELL PHONE, a Samsung X427 silver flip phone, with polyphonic ringtones and color screen! Don't worry I still have the same phone #. My Nokia was not going to live through one more fall, it was barely surviving as it was! When you shook it, it would sound like a broken lightbulb; something was moving around that wasn't supposed to be! Oops! Definately not dropping this one! I will be updating my site with a new page addition, College Reflections From My Junior Year so check back after next week and find out what this year taught me (should be quite interesting). Some c'mon back now, ya hear?

April 8, 2004

I just got back from my spring break trip in Colorado. On the roadtrip out, our tire tread came off at 60 mi/hr, took 2 hrs for a place to open to buy a new tire (wasn't gonna risk it again!) and then within 5 mins of getting back on the highway my friend gets pulled over for "Impeding the Flow of Traffic," luckily no ticket. On the way home, a rock slide closed down our route back to Vegas, so we had to take a 2 hr detour through my lovely hometown all the way to Breckenridge to get back on I-70.

My brother is married, and I wasn't there to see it. I am incredibly happy for him, but I feel horrible that I wasn't there to witness my only sibling take his vows. I am sorry Ben, I wish I knew...

Tyler and I are going to be moving into our apartment on June 5th. It was so much easier to say goodbye this time, knowing that this was the last time I would ever have to say it. He bought me a large stuffed animal Stitch, which reminds me of him, so he kept me company on the ride back through the mucky weather. When I got back into Vegas I saw the most beautiful complete double rainbows and though it quickly faded it still left me feeling that everything was going to be okay...

March 30, 2004

I put down the deposit on Tyler and mine's apartment today! Our move-in date is June 5th, 2004! I have have also been asked to be a bridesmaid in my god-sister's wedding for June, 2005. My brother and his fiancee are getting married this Sunday (signing the papers, but will have a ceremony in the future), I just wish I could be there to see it. I am heading back to CO this Saturday the 3rd through the 8th. I have a lot of hw to do over the break, but feel free to give me a call and maybe we can meet up! Hope to talk to everyone soon!

March 20, 2004

I went and saw Stereogram, Something Corporate, and the allmighty YELLOWCARD perform at the House of Blues last night. I was in the front row of the pit, offcenter, stage left, against the rail. I met some really cool people that night, and the concert was awesome. I got Something Corporate's set list, had Sean (YC's HOT violinist) sign my ticket, and bought another YC tshirt. Unfortunately I am now paying the price. My ears are ringing, I have a bruised right hip, my knees are stiff, I got kicked in the face (luckily I have no scars!), and I have a bruised sternum & left ribs. Needless to say I am hurting big time today, but at least the music was good!

March 17, 2004

I am feeling back to normal now, luckily just in time to get back to business. I am in the process of Assistant Stage Managing the 10 Minute Play Festival, and trying to keep up with school, as well as working as much as I can... Boy do I wish I had a body double!
I have updated Tyler's Page so feel free to check it out if you have time. He wants to try to be moved out here to Vegas by the end of this semester, so Mid-May or June. I want everyone to know who he is... and what he means to me.

March 12, 2004

I have been sick the last few days but I am finally feeling back to normal. I received some great news though... Tyler might be moving out here to Las Vegas sooner than expected. He is no longer going to be stuck with his lease until October, so he just needs to either be transferred out here or save up enough to hold his own until he finds something here. So it means that I will be starting to look at other apartments, and I honestly can't wait. Probably won't be for a few months but that is okay, gives me time to get ready to start the next chapter of my life. I will be back in Colorado for my spring break on April 3rd-8th, I am road-tripping home with Stacy, possibly one of my closest girl-friends out here. Hope all is well, and everyone is surviving their midterms!

March 8, 2004

I cut my hair, and am now sporting blonde highlights and shoulder-length hair... Pics to come... Tyler came out to visit on February 23rd - March 1st. Will have a whole new update on his page soon... Just waiting to get a pic uploaded first. I had an awesome time with him, and in fact might be hitching a ride with a friend back to Denver over Spring Break in April & will get to see him again! My bestest friend in the whole world is going to try to come visit me during the last weekend of Spring Break out here in Vegas... Who knows, after knowing each other almost 8 years it is about time we meet face-to-face!
My brother got engaged on Valentine's Day, and may be getting married on March 12, 2004... I wish I could be there to see it... His fiance was in a bad car accident a few weeks ago; we are keeping her in our hearts and minds, and we pray for a quick recovery.

February 14, 2004

Happy Valentines Day to all, here's a smooch from Yours Truely *wink*

February 10, 2004

Happy 21st Birthday Josh! He is out here in Vegas celebrating his big day, and I wish him the best! Pics from that to come soon! Like the new format for my page? Figured it is easier, cleaner, and straight to the point! hehe Tyler is coming out here the last week in February to celebrate our own Valentines Day, I can't wait. Hope everyone is doing well! Write me a note on the board and let me know what's up! :)

Spring Semester 2004

Spring Semester stars January 20th, 2004. Class schedule: Theater Technology II, Theater History II, Stage Management, Beginning Improvisation, General Psychology, & English Drama to 1642

December 23, 2003

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season, and everyone has a kick ass time celebrating the coming of the new year!! I'll be at work, then stuck on the Las Vegas strip for the New Year, oh shucks don't make me watch millions of dollars worth of fireworks with a bunch of drunk tourists! We'll see how that goes, better make your resolutions worth while!
New Poem!
Saw my brother graduate from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a degree in Spanish. Got to see some old faces, visit some old places, and at the same time, create new memories. Even though some things didn't work out, I have come to learn that people and things change... You just have to make the best of it, or else what is the point in living? Of all people, I know I have probably changed the most, it is just too bad some people didn't want to even find that out... To the others that I didn't get to see, you were missed, and we will meet again soon... Best wishes.

October 24, 2003

It has been 4 years since T.J. was taken from us, but everyday I still strive to make him proud. He helped me discover what I am destined to do in my life, and I always take that with me.