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Oct.16th 2004

I've added 2 more videos to the video section, for all you special people out there.

Oct.14th 2004

Watch out little girls and boys, oh yeah, and you Jews too! I've update with two new videos. So go


I've also posted in my Diary.

Oct. 10th 2004
New Web-Site

You know I can't go web-siteless for long. Thatís why I'm introducing my new web-site which will be the host of many home movies, photos, my diary, and other things. I bet your so excited you just can't wait to start humping my leg, like the flea infested freak of nature you are, but calm down, don't make me give you a titty twister! The web-site isnít much yet, and I probably won't update it much, but all that matters is that its here.

Tee Hee Hee Hee Hee *giggle*
Oct. 12th 2004

I have added a video to the video section, and will be adding a few more today. So what are you waiting for?


Oct. 10th 2004
DA Dootie is BACK!

I've got some good news, unless your some big fat hermaphrodite who hates the world, thats right I'm talking about you V-Boy. I said Dootie is back. I know, your thinking did he ever leave? No, not really, and he can never leave your heart! Anyways to see what he's upto go


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