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Martin Scorsese
The film starts with two people (Amander Plummer and Tim Roth) discussing robbery in a restaurant, and then they rob the restaurant.We then get to the four stories. In the first story, Travolta and Jackson are excellent as two hitmen who have to kill some kids who haven't been following their bosses orders. It's horribly violent, yet wickedly funny at the same time, and actually quite scary. The second story concerns Travolta taking out the bosses wife, played by Uma Thurman. Unfortunatley for him, she has a drug overdose, and he has to try and get her back. Again, it's another funny story, and well acted again. The third story concerns a boxer, Bruce Willis, trying to get back his gold watch (although there's a lot more to it than that), and the final story is continuing what happens at the start of the film, with Travolta and Jackson trying to control Plummer and Roth. It's another tense scene, still funny, but terrifying. It's a masterpiece of direction and acting.
Quentin Tarantino