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Fort Worth Airsoft


specialty- command, snipe, recon
loadout- MP5-RAS, TM Tactical Master, TM Mk23, ghille suit on snipe and command, but always woodland BDUs, pistol belt with suspenders, some wire goggles. profile-As far as airsoft is concerned, I have been playing for five years. Other than that I like to play guitar, blow stuff up,off roading, oh and the most important of all these hunting and shooting as many real steel guns that I can get my grubby fingers on, same goes for airsoft. Drop me a line if you feel like playin.


loadout- TM P-90, a paintball mask
Well, I suppose this is where I put my profile, or biography, or whatever. I don't wear BDUs because I'm stupid and amatuerish,but mainly because my parents never buy me anything (unlike a lot of the other people here) and because I have to save up for months to collect enough money to do anything. So I go out with a hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and tennis shoes and get raped by Cameron and Malcolm . I do best at daytime cqb when it comes to airsoft, because it's easier to aim with a p90 when there is light, and also because I can't afford decent eye protection that doesn't fog up. I collect around 8 dollars in a good week, and I immediately go to a local store and buy crappy .12 bbs which I use up on targets in a few minutes with my high cap mag. This is the highlight of my weekend.
My God please help me.
On a happier note, I've been saving my 8 dollars a week to buy a COLT PYTHON 2.5 INCH GAS REVOLVER from MARUI. It might not be the best gun around, but at least it's unique.


loadout-ksc Glock 18c, woodland BDUs, a paintball mask that is translucent not transparent and ski goggles. He is a taurus with green eyes and loves long walks on the beach.


specialty-snipe, recon, command
loadout-UHC Desert Eagle (does that count?), woodland BDUs, woodland boonie hat, M4-RIS (in a few days) I also have a life that consists of chickens and mules(the mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey, if you call it a donkey I'll make fun of you, and you'll feel bad because you didn't know the difference between a donkey or a mule) and the FFA (future farmers of America). I like to shoot guns that my dad has or buys me(I don't have to buy my guns my dad likes guns nanana boo boo). My IQ level is lower than the microwaves at our school.


specialty-cqb, support
Loadout-KWA Glock 18c, TM Mk23
I am the type of player who's really popular, because both teams always argue over who gets me. They're like 'You have him' 'No you have him' 'No you can have him'. It's great!


specialty- support
Loadout- GBA (gameboy advanced) because I traded my Glock 26 to Cameron (I'm a sucker)
I like to do things other than airsoft. Airsoft isn't quite as much of my life as the people above. I like to play guitar, x-box, and watch TV.


Specialty-running around, tackling people, and stealing their guns, oh and some times a decoy when I get impatient
Loadout-whatever gun somebody will lend to me, what ever eye protection is is left, some old ripped-up camo pants, an undershirt, and sheer stupidity
I like other stuff too like snowboarding and shooting, I have a real Benelli Nova Pump 12 ga. shotgun and a Russian SKS (7.62x39) that I got for Chritmas, I enjoy airsoft, but not enough to buy a gun that will do jack squat to any of the guys above because they all have madcrazy good guns, I do stupid charges that are hopeless in both airsoft and paintball, which is why I have scars from paintball and airsoft matches, and I love Jesus.