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They will make cemeteries their cathedrals and the cities will be your tombs.











Welcome to my Demons Website

I first watched the Demons films years and years ago and the thing that sticks in my mind the most is the trailer and soundtrack, if you rented any AVATAR movie at that time ( mid eighties ) this film was almost always on the opening trailers.

First the soundtrack then those words " Demons, Demons." You would then see images of the demons walking towards you whilst climbing a staircase with those glowing eyes....

I still own the first 2 films on Video and have also bought them on DVD, but during a moment of madness I did indeed sell the 3rd film in the series, although in truth the 3rd film, if my memory serves me well was not that good and was not connected to the earlier films.

The 1st film is set in an old cinema where all the customers have been given a free invite to a mysterious film, Whilst watching the film one of a young women goes to the toilet to clean up a bleeding cut on her face, which was caused by a display mask in the foyer of the cinema.

While in the toilet she undergoes a hideous transformation into a demon, her friend whom by now as come to look for her is violently attacked in the toilet by the Demon, but she somehow manages to escapes the blood thirsty creature and runs in terror, finding herself at the rear of the cinema screen she rips through and drops bloodied to the floor.

The viewers run to help her, only to witness her turning into a Demon, In terror they themselves run to the exits only to find them all bricked up. With no means of escape panic starts to set in and they have to decide how best they can defend themselves from this infectious evil within the cinema walls.

The 2nd film however takes place in an apartment block where the Demons re-enter the real world through the TV sets, firstly they break up a 16th birthday party and then move swiftly through the other apartments, soon the buildings exits are sealed and any suvivors left in the building are know faced with afight to survive the Demons.

But at the end both films I feel the memories you are left with are down to the amazing gory images created by the sfx team who have done an amazing job on these films.

Both films are rip roaring gory horror films which seem to get everything just right. "awesome stuff"

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Directed By
Lamberto Bava

Urbano Barberini ...George
Natasha Hovey ...Cheryl
Karl Zinny ...Ken
Fiore Argento ...Hannah
Paola Cozzo ...Kathy
Fabiola Toledo ...Carmen
Nicoletta Elmi ...Ingrid, the usherette
Stelio Candelli ...Frank
Nicole Tessier ...Ruth
Geretta Giancarlo ...Rosemarie
Bobby Rhodes ...Tony
Guido Baldi ...Tommy
Bettina Ciampolini ...Liz

Demons 2

Directed By
Lamberto Bava

David Edwin Knight ...George
Nancy Brilli ...Hannah
Coralina Cataldi Tassoni ...Sally Day
Bobby Rhodes ...Hank
Asia Argento ...Ingrid Haller
Virginia Bryant ...Mary the Prostitute
Anita Bartolucci ...Woman with Dog
Antonio Cantafora ...Ingrid's Father

Demons 1

Demons 2

Demons 3

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