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Dedicated to Romero's Dead Trilogy


First up is the new Dawn of the Dead DVD that is being released by Anchor Bay on the 9th of March. While this is most definately NOT the ultra-edition we all crave so much, it is nonetheless a very worthwhile addition to collections, with a gobsmacking picture. According to early reviews, the DiviMax transfer is completely free of blemishes & print damage and is supposedly one of the best DVD transfers for a film of its age. I'll post up some reviews as soon as I get chance.
The special features are as follows:

- Audio Commentary with Writer-Director George A. Romero, Special Makeup Effects Artist Tom Savini, and Assistant Director Chris Romero, moderated by Perry Martin
- George A. Romero bio
- Theatrical trailers
- TV spots
- Radio spots

In other news, the Dawn of the Dead remake is nearing its release date of March 26th 2004. Despite the incredibly negative attitude towards this film, I must admit I am eagerly anticipating it if the trailers are anything to go off. It's definately woth watching them if you haven't already (especially the teaser, which is amazing) - you can find them by clicking the image here:

Finally, the question of this site and my ongoing lies about updating it. Well, you'll just have to keep checking back!