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Yup, its June.

So apparently its grad tomorow... too bad im not gona be there. Congrats Class of 2006.


possibly a new site on the way?
Is it March already??

Video killed the radio star...holla G-Unit new stuff so hop to it!!

Feburary 25th

Birthdays Galore! holla shot colla...check out our fucking crazy party footage! (its on the VIDEOS page if you havent already figured it out...)


MASSIVE photo update! When i say massive i really mean like 10 or so...what are you doing reading this?? ...Now!

January the Third

Sweet! Who wants candy? Well i put Good Candy on the videos page! Dang! Ch-check it out!

WeekEnd Of November

Yes! Arent you excited! Well you should be. New pictures up finally...more on the way...

Midnite Nov 23rd

Whistler open! Grouse soon! (Hopefully)...

10:57 PM Wednesday November the Third

I saw Amanda and Cassie on this 'Smallville' show on TV today. Apparently its a big hit with the kids...

10:15 o'Clock on Sunday Night

Red Bull. Red Bull. Red Bull. Red Bull. Red Bull. Red Bull. Red Bull. Red Bull. Yay!

Halloween; 5:55 P.M.

Happy Halloween? Have a wretched time! Holla.

It's Sunday. October the Thirty-First, 2005

Okay.. Well maybe you have noticed, but maybe you havent...there seems to be a nice new site on this here page? Well im still building it for the next while so keep checking back for new and excellent things! Time to go...

October 25. wow. very, very, late in the morning...

Holy crap i havent updated this peice of crap in like forever. Well, maybe its becuase Im making a New Site? Possibly a better Site? Well you gonna have to wait and see. You Punk. Only Patrick Weller can tell. Peace.