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Kung Fu Movie Sound Files
By Chelsey

Welcome to the FIRST, and seemingly only, kung fu movie sound files Web site. Here you will find sound files from kung fu movies that I recorded myself.

These are only here for you to listen to-not to take. In some of the files, there may be a rough spot or two, and you may hear the fighters making sounds, but these are pretty good sound files.
Last Update: Nov. 23, 2004


*new* Mystery of Chess Boxing
chessboxing.wav [1.67M]
*Disciples of Death
disciplesofdeath.wav [1,004K]
*Heroes Two
heroes2.wav [2.12M]
*Disciples of Death
disciplesofdeath.wav [1,004K]
*Shaolin Martial Arts
shaolinmartarts.wav [1.28M]
*Masters of Tiger Crane
AKA Raging Master's Tiger Crane
(You can hear some of the same music in "Shaolin Drunk Monkey.")
tigercrane2.wav [1.01M]
*Raiders of Buddhist Kung Fu
raiders.wav [2.52M]
(You can hear some of this same music in "Deadly Shaolin Longfist.")
raiders2.wav [1.96M]
*The Snake Strikes Back
snake.wav [2.52M]
*Born Invincible
borninvincible.wav [1.41M]
*Taichi Devil Dragons
taiprac.wav [1.56M]
(You can hear this same music in "Invincible Armor".)
*Dragon Claws
dragonclaws.wav [1.70M]

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