The Lone Ranger
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The Lone Ranger


The story behind the masked man.

    His real name was John Reid. He was a Texas Ranger who was injured in an ambush by the Butch Cavendish "Hole in the Wall Gang". He was nursed back to health by Tonto, who had been a childhood friend and would remain the Lone Ranger's constant companion.
Remember kemo sabe?
It means "trusted scout."

    The Lone Ranger, was the first show to create a 'spin-off' show. The Lone Ranger was originally a radio series. As some of you older fans might remember, the Lone Ranger had a nephew, Dan Reid. Dan would later marry and have a son. The son, Britt Reid grew up and became "The Green Hornet" of the 1930's. And 1960's T.V. show.

The Lone Ranger & Silver

Lone Ranger & Silver

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