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Theme songs and other Sounds

Theme Songs from the Shows

The Show Size Type
Bat Masterson 160 Kb Mp3
Bonanza 548 Kb Mp3
Cheyenne 138 Kb Mp3
The Cisco Kid, open 783 Kb Wav
The Cisco Kid, close 875 Kb Mp3
Colt 45 114 Kb Mp3
Ballad of Davy Crocket 196 Kb Mp3
Gunsmoke 182 Kb Mp3
Laramie 84 Kb Mp3
Lawman 103 Kb Mp3
Have Gun Will Travel 780 Kb Wav
Maverick 129 Kb Mp3
RangeRider 69 Kb Mp3
Rawhide 116 Kb Wav
The Rifleman 196 Kb Wav
Rin,Tin,Tin 29 Kb Mp3
The Roy Rogers Show 355 Kb Mp3
The Lone Ranger 1.5 Mb Wav
Wagon Train 91 Kb Mp3
Wanted Dead or Alive 38 Kb Mp3
The Wild,Wild West 438 Kb Wav
Wyatt Earp 39 Kb Mp3
The Virginian 89 Kb Mp3
Zorro 87 Kb Mp3

John Wayne Movie Quotes

Title Movie Who Size & Type
Theme from The Searchers The Searchers Sons of the Pioneer's 2.5 Mb Mp3
My Rifle,Pony and Me. Rio Bravo Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson 1.7 Mb Mp3
That'll be the day. The Searchers Duke 113 Kb Wav
What's your intention? True Grit Robert Duval 109 Kb Wav
I mean to kill you in one minute. True Grit Duke 172 Kb Wav
Bold talk for a one-eyed fat man. True Grit Robert Duval 209 Kb Wav
Fill your hand. True Grit Duke 237 Kb Wav
True Grit Duke 237 Kb Wav
How should I know. The Searchers Duke 129 Kb Wav
I don't stand talking in the wind. The Searchers Duke 165 Kb Wav
You were born old. The Searchers Duke 141 Kb Wav
Roof over old Mos head. The Searchers Old Mos 1.3 Mb Wav
Wait'll you grow up. The Searchers Duke 221 Kb Wav
Don't make a habit of calling me that son. The Shootist Duke 20 Kb Wav
Ya Ta Hea. The Searchers Commanche 123 Kb Wav
We'llcamp here. True Grit Duke 111 Kb Wav
A good seat. Rio Bravo Walter Brennan 235 Kb Wav

John Wayne Movie Clips
The Shootist The Shootist Duke & Ron Howard 1.9 Mb Avi
Showdown True Grit Duke & Robert Duval 3.0 Mb Avi
Baby Blood Alley Duke & Lauren Bacall 1.9 Mb Avi
Settledown Rio Bravo Dean & Ricky 3.2 Mb Avi
Get Along Home,Cindy Rio Bravo Ricky Nelson 2.1 Mb Avi

Songs By Roy Rogers and The Sons of the pioneers
Happy Trails 134 Kb mp3
Tumbling Tumbleweeds 3.7 Mb mp3
Ghost Riders in the Sky 3.0 Mb mp3
Don't Fence me in 2.5 Mb mp3
Theme from "The Searchers" 2.5 Mb mp3