John Wayne
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The Seachers Tribute Poster
copyright CHRISTMAN

    John Wayne was the greatest cowboy star of all time. He lived his life as his fans saw him. He was truely larger in life then on the screen. Which is a hard thing to accomplish for an actor. He molded himself into what he and John Ford saw as the True American man of the west. A man's man, A soldier the men could look up to, a women's ideal of a REAL man.
    From his early days of "B" western's, through the war film's, to the classic "Army History"film's and of course all the Classic western's.
    He became "John Wayne American".



Chisum                                      The Searchers


Red River                                          Rio Bravo

Click here for a photo of the Rifle,& Duke's original gun & holster.

Songs and Movie Quotes
Title Movie Who Size & Type
Theme from The Searchers The Searchers Sons of the Pioneer's 2.5 Mb Mp3
My Rifle,Pony and Me. Rio Bravo Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson 1.7 Mb Mp3
That'll be the day. The Searchers Duke 113 Kb Wav
What's your intention? True Grit Robert Duval 109 Kb Wav
I mean to kill you in one minute. True Grit Duke 172 Kb Wav
Bold talk for a one-eyed fat man. True Grit Robert Duval 209 Kb Wav
Fill your hand. True Grit Duke 237 Kb Wav
Don't make a habit of calling me that True Grit Duke 237 Kb Wav
How should I know. The Searchers Duke 129 Kb Wav
I don't stand talking in the wind. The Searchers Duke 165 Kb Wav
You were born old. The Searchers Duke 141 Kb Wav
Roof over old Mos head. The Searchers Old Mos 1.3 Mb Wav
Wait'll you grow up. The Searchers Duke 221 Kb Wav
Don't make a habit of calling me that son. The Shootist Duke 20 Kb Wav
Ya Ta Hea. The Searchers Commanche 123 Kb Wav
We'llcamp here. True Grit Duke 111 Kb Wav
A good seat. Rio Bravo Walter Brennan 235 Kb Wav


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