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Please visit these great websites!

Movie-Related Websites

Internet Movie Database--This is the most linked-to website on COSMR! This amazing website includes information on every single movie, TV show, or video ever released.
Everyone's a Critic--Add your ratings for movies, and create a Top 100 list!
Your Movie Database--Make a Top 20 list of your favorite and least favorite movies!
Four Color Celluloid--I tried to make a comic book movie website in May/June 2003, and this is the failed attempt. Now defunct.
Celebs & Stuff UK--A cool website with entertainment news from the United Kingdom.
Be in a Movie--Come visit this website and sign up to be an extra in several cool movies!
One Stop Review--A very cool website which reviews movies and TV shows, and also allows the visitor to submit their own review. Highly recommended!

Other Websites

Dumbledore's Army--Amanda's website, and my affiliate. A great Harry Potter-themed website.
Angelfire--The supreme webmaking tool on the 'net!
HTMLgear--A great place to find webtools.
Advanced Survey--Need a survey for your website? Go here!
WebRing--The only place on the internet to find those cool WebRings.
!tzalist Arts Directory--A great online directory of cool websites. Add yours!

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