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"That's the one good thing about Paris: there's a lot of girls willing to take their clothes off."
- Titanic (1997) (Visit the Archive)

Welcome to Couple O' Sentences Movie Reviews, where you can find just what the title says! Non-feature-length movie reviews for moviegoers on the go! Created July 12, 2003.

*Last Updated*

March 8, 2004

I added a review for 1979's The Amityville Horror.
Update 2: I added a review for 1951's The Day the Earth Stood Still.
Update 3: I added a review for 1922's Nosferatu.
Update 4: I added a review for 1960's Spartacus.
Update 5: I added a new Quote of the Week! Yay!
Update 6: I updated the Box Office Top 10. Passion is still soaring high!


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