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Robert K. Shaye, Bob for short, the most powerful man in the motion picture industry. He worked his way up from a shitty ass little company to the best in the world. He works hard... he plays hard.

The pic that started it all, A great pic of a great man.

"Excuse me for a sec, Heather, I'm on the line with Mr. Vodka."

"Maybe it's the vodka talking, but honey, you've got a rack that just won't quit. I'll let you touch it.... the bottle, that is."

"If Robert says one more thing about bootlegs, I'm going to shove MY bootleg up his ass."

"The important thing is, that you're safe. I want you to go with these men. They're gonna take you back to the hotel, and we'll have a few drinks."

Shaye attending Rebellion member old-boo-radley's private birthday bash. What a guy.

Here's a shot from the New Line remake of the original Friday the 13th, with Mr. Shaye's cameo. "You killed my mom AND you raided my stash! That bottle's MINE, BITCH!!"

The story to Shaye's rise to power.

The sure to be box office smash of the future! Shaye's life on film.

Straight from the Book of Love commentary, I give you Bob Shaye, the Funky Beatnik!

Shaye presenting his crew with bottles of vodkas after their Oscar win! This pic was altered by sites all over to have them holding their statues, rest assured, folks, this pic is the REAL DEAL, brought to you exclusively by the Shaye Rebellion!

Fellow friends and stars look on as director Renny Harlin celebrates the thread's anniversary by juggling three vodka bottles. However, actress Saffron Burrows' eyes are elsewhere...

On a recent trip up North, Bob encountered one of the great Canadian living-legends, Hollis.

Shaye at EmmaBelle's birthday party, always recruiting for the Rebellion, that guy!

Shaye makes an appearance at Fango 2004 and hangs with Brenna O'Brien in their hotel room!

Pic of Rebellion member WesReviews workin' on his day off at the Shaye mansion, making sure Bob is fully stocked for the next week of drinking.

You didn't think Shaye would make his good buddy Wes and the good folks of the F13 Forum Bob Shaye Trio, the fucking Rebellion leaders, do all the work now, do you? Of course not. Shaye, being the hard working man's man he is gave us a special surprise. This is Shaye's forklift that "Mr. Action" Renny Harlin bought him right after NOES 4 broke 40 mill at the box office. Yes, the illustrious, Finnish Flash, was pulled out of storage just for us. And, might I add, he drove that sucker like a pro and didn't drop one case of vodka. Sure, the empties sitting on top of the lift were a safety hazard, but, dammit, this is Bob Shaye.

For those about to rock! Shaye salutes you!

Shaye catches up with Rebellion member old-boo-radley at the Fahrenheit 9/11 premiere!

A pic Rebellion member, old-boo-radley took as Shaye rescued Paris Hilton after she fell into his pool at his post-Oscar party. She blew him afterwards.

Long lost pic found in S-10's e-mail! Like, OGM!

"Hold that for me, Cube, and ignore Englund and don't take any tapes from him."

We now know what's next for New Line Cinema next year. Yep, you guessed it...Shaye Vs. Seagal


Shaye out with some of his many, many lady fans, or as he likes to call them, "bitches."

Another pic of Shaye and his bitches. Yep, even at the tender age of 65, he can still drink punk ass teens under the table!

Exact text has been lost in the various forum fires, but one thing can be said for certain, this picture contains more in-jokes than you can shake a stick at. How many can you count?

Here is a new one of my own...based on the style made famous by "Freedy" and company (which a lot of people seem to like). I [WesReviews] now give you... "SHAEY"

It was exactly one year ago today that SHAYE'S REBELLION was formed to honor and keep sacred all things pertaining to this one great man. Here, on the birthday of this club, is a photo taken recently (although Esten looks oddly young) of the man himself, the the three charter members of Shaye's Rebellion.

From left to right: Bob Shaye, WesReviews, old-boo-radley, and S-10

Hail Shaye!

Shaye guarding the only bottle he had on him for the next 30 minutes with his life.

Proof that Shaye was behind the Friday the 13th franchise as well? We may never know.



A casualty of a F13 Forum crash... what old-boo-radley quoted with the pic will never, ever be known. :(

Little known fact...

After Nicholas Campbell, but before Page Fletcher was hired, HBO cast Bob Shaye as an emergency, mid-season replacement mostly as a favor for him allowing them to show Alone in the Dark on their channel.

"Old-Boo-Radley was looking for true love on the cheap...however, in the end, he paid the ultimate price."

"You've got the touch! You've got the VODKAAAAAA! YEAH!"

You know, I'm sure you've all heard about the casting stuff that's going on at WB with the Superman film. I, for one, think Tom Welling should play the Man of Steel in the new motion picture, but then it hit me... there's but one man whom I think could play the part better than Tom Welling, even better than Chris Reeve... And that would be...


2007 Re-Edit: "He's faster than a shot of fine Irish brew; more powerful than a brewery working at capacity; able to leap the Schmirnoff factory in a single bound... he's Shayeman!"

Posted a mere day or two before the F13 Forum died for good... what old-boo-radley said about this pic is forever lost in the annuls of time. This is the last Shaye pic ever made on Blake Washer's Friday the 13th Board. :(

"Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce Me."

Bob Shaye brings the sexy:

Created by Jeans! Awesome!

Shaye's buddy Renny! The first of three pictures stemming from the Shaye Thread from the original run before either forum crashes. All original text is lost. This was one of the first Shaye-verse pictures ever to be made.

More Renny! The second of three pictures stemming from the Shaye Thread from the original run before either forum crashes. All original text is lost. This was one of the first Shaye-verse pictures ever to be made.

Ronny Yu gettin' on the New Line vodka bandwagon! The last of three pictures stemming from the Shaye Thread from the original run before either forum crashes. All original text is lost. This was one of the first Shaye-verse pictures ever to be made.

Renny Harlin hard at work on day one of the NOES 4 shoot. One of the only vodka-less pictures you'll see Harlin in (he wanted to make a good impression on his first day of work for the company). Rumor has it, he and Shaye were smashed 5 minutes after this picture was taken. It doesn't take them real drunks long to smell the vodka in each other's blood!

"Hurry up, boy! You don' wanna miss the bus! HAHAHAHA!" Shaye's cameo in Freddy's Dead.

"Where's my damn vodka?" Shaye's cameo in NOES 4.

"Beer!? Beer is for pussies. Have some vodka." Shaye's cameo in NOES 2.

Wonder what that expression on his face is from...

"The Lord of Vodka is all high and powerful. Glory, amen."

"You touch that bottle, and he shall reign down down upon thee with great anger, and furious vengeance!"

".... ..... .... .... ... ..."

Shaye with his crew accepting his millionth Oscar of the night for the third chapter of the LOTR series. He's the second guy from he left with his arms crossed.

The media doctored photo with statues in their hands. HERE is the real pic.

"Come on kids, take a shot of this. I drink this every hour of everyday and I still haven't stumbled into my own swimming pool."

Baby Bob Shaye! :D

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