Jason Voorhees Imposters

There have been many rip-offs of the character Jason Voorhees over the years. This portion of the photo album will set you straight in how to recognize the real stalker of Camp Crystal Lake and how to smoke out those cheap immitators.

Jason Voorhees

The man behind the mask. The notorious killer of the woods himself, the slasher's most recognizable icon. Jason Voorhees is a killing machine and will stop at no length to get the job done. Axes, machetes, sleeping bags, he'll use anything in his grasp to end your stay on this planet... then send you straight to hell!



Jabsen, a name synonimous with horror... or a shitty imposter? Through extensive backsearching, we have discovered that Jabsen is a cheeseburger eating, fatass of the woods, who has one and only one weapon of choice... his trusty belt. Said to have taken 19 camp counsellors over his knee in 1973 and whipped them to death with the belt while sitting on his toilet in his shed. Fact? Fiction?


The Hockie Mask

This is said to have been found at the scene of the crime after Friday the 13th Part 8, but is it legit? Professional analysis of the mask says that it indeed was worn by a maniacal killer, the name of which we can never know for sure. Was it Jason Voorhees, Angela Baker, The Bleeder, Trevor Moorehouse or just some cheap immitator? We may never know.



The original and most infamous Jason Voorhees imposter, Jaon is supposed to stalk children with his trusty chane saw at summer camps for girls, killing 12 in 1987's "Flat Titty Massacre" released DTV by Brentwood Entertainment. After extensive searching, we haven't been able to find any hard evidence of Jaon's existance, but in the hearts of his followers, he will continue to live on.


Jasen K.

Sure, you've all heard of the illusive Freedy and Ferdy... But just recently, another, less heard of double has come to light. His name? Jasen K. He has managed to elude photographers for years, until now. This is the first known photo of Jasen K. He was once rumored to be Jason's autistic brother. I guess this photo proves this rumor to be true, after all...



Janos, the Phantom of the Opera-esque Jason of Ronny Yu's dreams. Said to frequent his mother's grave on the anniversary of her death and make a sacrifice to her. Sheds a tear every now and then. Obviously a...


ferdy vs. jasin

omg de batel a de senturee wen jaon batle fedyr in de mach a de senturee... hu wil win olny god nose :jason:


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