Freddy Krueger Imposters

There have been many rip-offs of the character Freddy Krueger over the years. This portion of the photo album will set you straight in how to recognize the real demon of your dreams himself, and how to smoke out those cheap immitators.

Freddy Krueger

The 100% authentic version of the king of nightmares. The real Freddy. Claw on the right hand with the red and green striped shirt. Not a child molestor. Much thanks to Bob Shaye for not letting Wes Craven have his way and making Freddy a molestor with a yellow and red striped sweater.


Feedy Cougar

Feedy Cougar, the maniacal demon of your kitty's nightmares can be defined by his Wes Craven-esque yellow and lime green sweater with black spots and by the fact that he is a feline. The trademark claw is ever so dangerous on his right paw and used for cutting your kittens to shit.



The child molesting son of Wes Craven. You've all read about him on the reverse sides of cover art worldwide. The man behind all major candy corporations in the world, the man behind the wheel of your favorite ice cream truck, Freddie.



Feddy is the African American version of the immortal icon. Definately a baller, yo. Many have confused Feddy for Freddy because of his supposed use of basketballs to cause death in films. Entirely untrue as poor souls have him confused with another of Wes Craven's movies involving dreams, Deadly Friend.



Yet another imposter that can be spotted by the claw being on the wrong hand. Ferdy is the Rankin/Bass version of Mr. Krueger, and definately one of the most effective. Supposedly was present in a deleted scene from A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 where he asked Jesse to have some haggis for lunch before he came inside of him again. No pun intended.


Freed Crueger

Freed Crueger is the most obvious imposter out of the human ripoffs of Freddy Krueger. Freed is missing a claw/finger because of an accident in 'Nam that left him brutally burned and lacking a finger. Freed is supposed to exist in the workprint of A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 in which Lt. Thompson has a flashback of Freddy Krueger and himself in the trenches in 'Nam. He was burnt to shit and wasn't seen again...



A truly horrifying rendition of the burnt son of a bitch involves the mythical Freedy. Supposedly made by the same guy who made Fat Albert, this character exists in the series Fat Freedy, which never aired.


Gap Freddy

The most confusing of the imposters, Gap Freddy exists in the hearts of those who hate Wes Craven's shitty trenchcoat in New Nightmare. Does he exist? Well, yes and no. Is the Freddy from WCNN the true demon? Or, is it just Wes Craven making a pit stop in the world of popular fashion, prophesizing what would come a few years later in his Scream trilogy? Gap Freddy... real... or coincidence?


Freddy's Pinto

We all know that Freddy had to drive a vehicle, but what did he drive? The Shaye Rebellion has been able to dig up a little dirt on our bi-weekly visit to the Shaye mansion, where we snuck into his office and saw this poster card sitting at the bottom of an old pile of scraps. We took it out and were amazed. Is it a hoax? Is it Shaye fucking with us?


Ferd Kr[][]ger

Ferd, the cereal possessing maniac from NOES 2. This long lost picture, rediscovered after 2 and a half years of obscurity in 2007. The picture is pretty normal, but it leaves you to question one thing. That cereal box, that word... just what the hell is Jesse doing dreaming about Uncle Paulie? The SBI (Shaye's Bureau of Investigation) are looking into it as we speak. Stay tuned...


Eddy Rooger

Eddy Rooger, star of the first Freddy's Nightmares episode, No More Mr. Nice Guy, drives down the street, trying to get some business.



Kreddy pwns n00bs

VERDICT: According to a BD Exclusive - REAL

Nightmare Feddy Action Figure

This weird figure came out sometime back in the day by some bootlegging sons of bitches. I hope Shaye doesn't find out about this or there's gonna be some asses kicked in and a few vodka bottle to the cranium related deaths.


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