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Records Set by Skaters Fastest Speed on a Skateboard 62.55 MPH set by:Gary Hardwick of California on Sept.26,1998. Highest Air on a Skateboard Danny Way performed a 18.25ft Method Air off a 20ft Quarter Pipe on April 17, 2002. Largest SkateparkThe Vans Skatepark in Prince William, VA Measuring 61,640 sq ft. (thats larger than a Football Field) opened April 15, 2000. Longest Skateboard Rail GrindChad Fernandz set that record with a 36ft 9inch Rail Grind on Aug.25,2003.

Still more records to set!Fastest time to do 1,000 Ollies.

Most Ollies in 1 Hour.

Most Consecutive Kick Flips.