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Rare & OOP Movies List

Note:  Titles in red are new videos that I just got in.  

Aftermath-  Short movie from Spain about some guys who work in a morgue and how they treat their bodies.  Pretty sick, but not that bad, even though it is graphic.  And don't worry, its all fake, but the effects are pretty convincing.  Directed by Nacho Cerda.  1993.  Upgrade:  I recently got the Special Edition of this.  It has a making of thing, interviews, promotional stuff, and a short film called The Awakening.  Very cool.

Andy Warhol's BAD-  Awesome Warhol produced dark comedy about a group of female assasins.  Very rare.  

Attack Of The Killer Refrigerator-  Finally, I got this.  Great short movie about a refrigerator that goes nuts and kills people.  Also included is The Hook of Woodland Heights, directed by the same guys.  See this stuff.  You'll love it.  

Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes (Directors Cut)-  OOP directors cut of this classic movie.  This contains cut scenes, and a bunch of new stuff before the movie, after the movie, etc.  Must have if you are into cult classics and campy movies.  I have a factory original.  One of my favorites.

August Underground-  Wow.  This movie is insane.  Two sadistic friends with a video camera torture, murder, and clown around.  Looks like a genuine snuff film.  Very realistic.  NOT FOR THOSE WITH WEAK STOMACHS.  Great quality (the low quality video is intentional.)  

Baise Moi-  French movie about two girls who go on a rampage across France after being raped.  Looks like a cross between a low buget violence film and a well made porn movie.  In French with English subtitles.  Excellent quality.  Original trailer shown before the feature starts.

Benny's Video-  Yes!  It has arrived!  Wicked early film from the director of Funny Games.  This one's about a teenager named Benny who is a video nut.  Well, one day he brings home a girl he met at the video store and all is well before he KILLS HER ON TAPE!  I won't give any more away.  Very rare.  Great quality!

Bloodbeat-  A rare slasher movie from the 80's about an evil samurai ghost terrorizing people in the wilderness.  Pretty cool, and I guess its pretty rare.  Great quality.  Check it out.  Factory original tape.

Blood Diner-  Rare splatter comedy about some guys who want to resurrect an ancient goddess, and I guess you can guess what they have to do get the job done.  I'll give you a hint:  it involves killing, blood feasts, and their dead uncle's talking brain.  It's as awesome as it sounds.  Okay quality, not the best but it's watchable.  Recommended.  

Braindead-  Uncut version of Dead Alive, which is exactly the same movie, only with a different title and lots of cuts from the version I have.  Mine is in English with Japanese subtitles.  Directed by Peter Jackson.  1992.

Broken-  The rare and unreleased Broken Movie from the Nine Inch Nails.  Only 20 minutes, but includes lots of graphic violence.  Follows the story of a guy who is kidnapped and tortured while being forced to watch N.I.N. videos before he is killed.  Includes all of the videos from the Broken e.p.  A must for all N.I.N. fans.  

The Brood-  Awesome David Cronenberg movie.  If you like Cronenberg, this is a must have.  Excellent quality.

The Burning Moon-  Wow, this was an awesome movie!  Doesn't get much better than this when it comes to gore movies.  This German made film is packed to the brim with blood and guts.  The last ten minutes can only be described as gruesome.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Good quality.

Cannibal Holocaust-  This is the full, uncut version of this classic and infamous cannibal movie.  Includes interviews with the director and shots of a never filmed scene.  Directed by Ruggero Deodato.  1979.

Chopping Mall-  Extremely fun b-movie from the 80's about some kids that get trapped in a shopping mall with some robots that have gone nuts.  For the horror fan with a sense of humor.  Get this.  Excellent quality.  Factory original.

Clownhouse-  Creepy horror movie about some guys that escape from the nuthouse and kill some clowns at a local circus.  Then they put on the clown costumes and terrorize a group of brothers who are home alone in the middle of the night.  Some pretty creepy scenes, especially this one scene in the attic.  Recommended for fans of good horror movies.  Great quality.

Corpse Fucking Art-  A really good documentary by the director of Nekromantik.  This shows what goes on behind the scenes of some of his movies, including Nekromantik, Nekromantik 2, and Der Todesking.  Film Threat Video.  Great quality.  Also includes the Buttgereit short Hot Love.  Get this if you're a fan of him.  

David Lynch Short Films:  UPGRADE!

Tape has commentary by David Lynch between the short films.  Extremely high quality!

Six Figures Getting Sick (played six times)- 6 mins.

The Alphabet- 4 mins.

The Grandmother- 30 mins.

The Amputee- 6 mins.

The Cowboy and the Frenchman- 30 mins.

Lumire- 52 seconds.

Dawn of the Dead GERMAN UNCUT!-  This is the completely uncut version of Dawn of the Dead, but its all in German.  Who cares?  If you like horror movies at all, you better get this.  Its well worth it.

Deep Jaws-  Bad, bad porno parody.  I haven't watched it all yet.  Quality is watchable.  Very rare.

Denis Leary: No Cure for Cancer-  Very funny and now out of print stand-up comedy special from Denis Leary.  One of the funnier live comedy films that I've seen.  See it if you like your humor at it's rawest and non-P.C.  If you are easily offended, don't bother because everyone is bound to get offended by at least one joke in this movie.  Very funny though.  Factory original.

Der Todesking-  YES!  IT HAS ARRIVED!!!  This is an excellent movie from J.B. about a chain letter that causes seven suicides.  Some picture interference in the first 5 minutes, but after that it's great quality.  In German with English subtitles.  

Dr. Butcher, M.D.-  Awesome zombie/cannibal/mad-doctor movie!  This version is different from the Zombi Holocaust version that I have.  Highly recommended.  Excellent quality!  Factory original.

Down By Law-  Excellent movie.  Needs no explanation.  This is a MUST for Tom Waits fans.  Great quality.

The Driller Killer-  A pretty cool slasher film.  The plot concerns an artist who lives in an apartment where he paints.  Then an annoying band moves in next door, causing the artist to become frustrated to the point where he goes on a rampage with his power drill.  Pretty cool, good quality.  

Eraserhead-  My favorite movie.  Stars Jack Nance as Henry.  Henry is thrown into a bad situation when his girlfriend Mary is found to have had a baby and Henry is forced to marry her.  Surreal nightmares and wonderful weirdness erupt.  I have the English version and Japanese subtitles Widescreen version.  I also have rare trailers for the movie.  UPGRADE:  I now have an excellent version of the English version.  Pretty much perfect.  You must have this.

Faces of Death 5 (German)-  Needs no explaination.  

Funny Games-  Wow.  This is an awesome movie from Austria (I believe) about 2 guys that take a family hostage in their own home and play sadistic games with them.  This sounds like a basic rip-off of a movie, but it isn't at all.  You have to see it to know what I mean.  Excellent quality.

Friday the 13th-  Japaneese edition.  Uncut.  

GG Allin: Hated- Great documentary about shock rocker GG Allin.  Well made, but not for the easily offended.  Great quality.

Garbage Pail Kids Movie-  This has been banned for many years.  Rated PG.  

Genesis-  Very creepy movie.  From the director who gave us the wonderful Aftermath comes this excellent short film concerning a man who's wife has died and the statue that he is making to remember her by. Only something isn't quite right with the statue, and I'm not going to tell you what.  You have to see it for yourself.  Great picture quality.  Letterboxed.  

Ghosthouse-  Awesome horror movie about a girl and her creepy ass clown doll who haunt an old house.  Hell breaks loose when a prophetic radio broadcast draws people to the house to solve the mystery.  Has some very spooky parts.  Great quality.

God Told Me To-  Not very rare, but still excellent Larry Cohen flick.  Is god telling people to commit mass murder?  You have to watch it to see.  Great quality.

Gore-Met: Zombie Chef From Hell-  In my opinion, this is the ultimate bad movie.  Yes, it's worse than Plan 9.  You'll love it if you love bad movies, but everyone else shouldn't even bother with this one.  I loved it though.  UPGRADE:  I just got my factory original.  Great quality! 

Guinea Pig movies:

1. The Devils Experiment-  Some guys torture some lady to see how much the human body can hold up under pain and torture.  Don't worry, this isn't real snuff, but you probably already knew that.  Picture quality lacks, but it makes it seem more real.  Pretty cool, if you like extreme stuff.  In Japanese with no subtitles.

2.  Devil Woman Doctor-  Haven't watched this yet.  I'm sure its pretty cool though.

3.  Flowers of Flesh and Blood-  Really gory entry in the series.  This is the one Charlie Sheen thought was real.  Quality isn't the best, but its definitely watchable.  

Guyana: Crime Of The Century:  A movie based on the People's Temple tragedy in Guyana.  Pretty good, and the suicide scene is just depressing as hell.  This is the rare uncut version.  Good quality, with Japanese subtitles.  

Heaven's Gate Video-  Two speeches by the leader of the Heaven's Gate cult who committed mass suicide in 1997.  Very sad because everything he said was a fraud and because of that, 40 people died.  Following the two speeches are various news clips documenting the suicide.  Good quality.  

Hellroller-  Very rare no-buget movie about a serial killer in a wheelchair.  Awesome if you like bad movies.  Picture quality is pretty good for this kind of movie.  

House On The Edge Of The Park-  Uncut version of this Deodato sleeze classic.  Pretty cool.  Good quality.

I Piss On Your Grave-  Weird movie.  Basically looks like random acts of violence.  Regardless, this movie is pretty cool.  

Industrial Symphony #1-  A David Lynch musical of sorts.  This film is absolutely beautiful.  Julee Cruise sings the songs wonderfully and the film is very surreal.  Highly recommended.  Factory original tape.

In A Glass Cage-  Disturbing movie about a Nazi doctor who is a pedophile/sadist.  One day, he can't take it anymore and tries to kill himself.  But he survives and finds himself imprisoned in an iron lung.  This movie gets pretty crazy.  Great quality.

Intensity-  Made for T.V. movie based on the Dean Koontz novel of the same name.  Awesome to see if you've read the book.  I have parts one and two, both commercial free.  In EP mode, but still pretty good quality.  

Island of Perversion-  Disgusting movie!!!  Incredibly cheesy, but very disgusting movie about some couple that goes to a Greek island and do a bunch of perverted shit to the locals and stuff.  Trust me, you have to have this.  If you can get past the gag factor, you'll have a lot of laughs with this one.  Good quality.  UNCUT. 

Johnny Got His Gun-  Excellent, but very depressing movie based on the book (which is excellent as well.)  Remember the video for One by Metallica?  The movie clips and dialogue they used came from this movie.  Get this if you like good movies and like being depressed.  Good quality, pretty rare.  

Ju-On-  Scary Japanese flick.  This one will have you freaked out. Seriously.  I don't scare easily and this had me holding my breath through a few scenes.  Not much blood, but tons of scary atmosphere.  All in Japanese with no subtitles, but you'll be too scared shitless to care.  Great quality.

Justine UNCUT-  Completely uncut version of Justine.  Pretty cool.

Killing of America-  Excellent documentary about violence in America.  This has tons of old news footage of everything ranging from the Kennedy assassination  to the Jonestown footage to serial killer stuff, etc, etc.  Made in 1982.  Great quality.  Highly recommended.  

The Last Polka-  One of my personal favorite movies.  Very rare, very funny comedy that stars Eugene Levy and John Candy as 2 polka-meisters.  This is a must have.  Factory original tape.

Last House on Dead End Street-  Rare movie from 1977 about a man who is let out of prison, only to try to get back at society by making some snuff films with his friends.  Very sleazy, but very atmospheric.  Update: I just received the uncut version.  Contains the complete surgery scene, disembowelment and all.  Great quality too, since I have the DVD.  A must have.

Last House on the Left-  Finally, it has arrived!  The uncut version of the film!!!  This contains the disemboweling and all of the other cut footage.  A must for all fans of horror.  A+  quality too.  This gets my highest recommendation.  Factory original (DVD).

Lucker-  Rare gross-out horror movie about a guy who dies and comes back to life only to go on a spree of death and necrophilia.  Quality is so-so, but it's good to have.  

Man Bites Dog-  This is a really good French film about a group of documentary filmmakers who follow around a serial killer.  The film is also a sort of dark comedy.  Great acting.  Brilliant film.  See it if you like good movies.  In French with English subtitles. Update:  I just got the uncut version.  

Men Behind the Sun-  This is a cool, yet very gruesome Japanese movie about a Japan prison camp and the experiments that go on inside.  Disturbing mainly because it was based on a true story.  Oh, and the autopsy is real.  Same with the cat scene.  Just a warning.  Look this up on IMDB if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Microwave Massacre-  This is a rare/OOP movie from the 80's about a construction worker that kills his wife and then accidentally eats some of her.  He becomes addicted to the taste of the meat.  This one is REALLY cheesy and is a VERY bad movie, but that's the reason to get it.  Trust me, it makes Ed Wood (R.I.P.) look like a genius in the SFX department.

Mondo Trasho-  An early John Waters movie from 1970.  Stars a young Divine, Mary Vivian Pierce, Mink Stole, David Lochary and other members of Dreamland productions.  Must have for all serious Waters fans.  Directed by John Waters.  1970.  Factory original tape.

My Sweet Satan-  Jim Van Beeber short film about a group of young satan worshipers that get themselves into some murder and mayhem.  Awesome.  Good quality too.

Naked Blood-  Sick Japanese movie that was refused distribution in the US for a reason.  Watch it and find out.  Not for the squeamish!  Recommended for gore hounds!  Letterboxed. 

Natural Born Killers-  Finally, a controversial movie that actually earned it's controversy.  This needs no explanation.  You'll love it.  Letterboxed version with introduction by Oliver Stone.  Excellent quality.

Nekromantik-  Cool cult movie from 1987.  Its about a guy and his girlfriend, but one day the guy, Rob, brings home a corpse that was found in a lake.  He and his girlfriend use the body as a sort of 3rd partner (yes, it sounds sick, but its really not that bad at all.)  She dumps Rob and takes the corpse, while Rob goes off the deep end.  And it all comes down to the infamous finale...  anyway, just see this one. Excellent quality.  Directed by Jorg Buttgereit.  

Nekromantik 2-  Sequel to Nekromantik.  Directed by Jorg Buttgereit.

Nine Lives Too Many-  This one was made by fellow trader Tom Steeber.  Very obscure and very funny, this one is about 2 cat killers and how they get caught and the cats get revenge on them.  A must have for fans of home movie making and cheap gore.  At only 12 minutes, this packs a lot of laughs.  One of my favorites.  

Pieces-  80's slasher movie.  Ok, the movie is pretty bad, but its pretty cool too.  The dialogue isn't in synch with the images, but that's its only major flaw.  Anyway, check it out if you like slasher movies.  Mine is in excellent condition.  Factory original (DVD).

Pink Flamingos-  The ultimate exercise in bad taste.  Its gross for sure, but I sat through it all without flinching even once.  I love this movie.  Very trashy and very classic Waters.  Directed by John Waters.  1972.

Plan 9 From Outer Space-  A great movie from one of my all time favorite directors.  This needs no explanation.  Directed by Ed Wood.  1956.

Pretty As A Picture: The Art Of David Lynch-  Very cool documentary about Lynch.  Includes an Eraserhead cast reunion and behind the scenes footage of Lost Highway.  Great quality.

Rainbow Brite Cartoons-  Really cool OOP cartoons from the 80's.  Really, really, cool cartoons.  Check them out.  Get them for your kids.

Ring-  The original Japanese movie that was recently remade in Hollywood.  One of the best films to come out of Japan that I've ever seen.  Scary as hell.  If you don't have this, then you are not a true horror fan!!!  SEE IT!

Salo: The 120 Days Of Sodom-  This is a now OOP Itallian movie based on the book by Marquis de Sade.  The movie is really good, but it's really gross and I wouldn't recommend it to anybody with a weak stomach or a faint heart.  Be warned, it contains explicit sexual situation, violence, etc.  Directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1977.

Schramm-  Words cannot describe how good this film is!  Best serial killer movie of all time in my opinion.  Read about it on the IMDB.  Mine is EXCELLENT quality and features the making of after the movie.  Also included is the early Buttgeriet short, Captain Berlin.  

Scrapbook-  This is one insane movie.  A killer kidnaps a girl and forces her to participate in his gruesome activities, which he adds to his scrapbook of all things nasty.  Not for the easily offended.  Picture quality is really good.

Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist-  Excellent documentary about... well, the life and death of Bob Flanagan.  Do some research if you don't know who he is.  This is a must see.  Gets my highest recommendation.  Excellent quality.  Factory original DVD.

Singapore Sling-  Weird movie from Greece.  Hard to explain, but its kind of gross.  Good quality.  Mostly in English with Greek subtitles.

Sinner's Blood-  I was lucky enough to find this one on sale as an ex-rental.  This one must be really rare, because I can't find anybody that sells it or even owns a copy of this.  So be thankful that you're finding it here so easily.  Mine is a factory original tape from Geneses Home Video (the company is out of  business too.)  Good quality, from what I've watched.  I haven't watched the whole thing yet.  

Snuff-  A cheap movie from the 70's about a gang of bikers led by a guy called Sa-tan.  They kill people... and that's about it.  The ending is obviously tacked on and is really, really fake looking.  Mine is great quality.  See this if you love bad movies, cause this is one of the best!

Static-  A really cool, and REALLY rare movie about a guy who thinks that he's invented a device that allows people to see heaven.  Its hard to explain, but if you like good indie movies, then get this. Probably the rarest movie on my list.  Directed by Mark Romanek.  1986.  Factory original tape.

Streetwise-  Very moving film about teenage runaway's living on the streets of Seattle.  Very well made.  I heard parts of this were scripted, but if they were, they were acted very well.  The Tom Waits song played over the credits can only be described as beautiful.  Great quality.

Sweet Movie-  A really cool foreign film.  It has almost no coherent plot and is heavy on gross scenes.  Recommended if you like controversial, weird as hell, surrealist movies.  

Tetsuo: The Iron Man-  Great indie movie from Japan about a man who starts to fuse with metal after he has a shaving mishap.  Very good, very strange, and very interesting to watch.  One of my favorites.  Directed by ? (I can't spell it.)  1988.

Tetsuo II-  The sequel to the excellent Tetsuo: The Iron Man.  Time for more wacked out visuals, quick paced fighting, and violence, but this time it's in color and it's the length of a full length movie!  Strap on your seatbelts, because this movie is insane.  Great quality.

Throbbing Gristle: Recording Heathen Earth-  Awesome video of the T.G. recording their live in the studio LP titled Heathen Earth.  This is a must have if you're a fan of the band.  Extremely rare.  Mine is excellent quality.  Factory original.

The Titicut Follies-  Another movie that was banned in the U.S.  I can't really see why.  Very well made documentary about what's happening inside a mental hospital.  Very bleak and sad.  Picture quality isn't the best, but it's watchable.  Black and White.  

The Toolbox Murders-  Rare movie from the 70's about a guy killing people inside an apartment complex.  Pretty cool movie, though I could figure out who the killer was VERY early on in the movie.  I don't know who directed it.  Made in the late 70's.

Traci Lords: The E! True Hollywood Story-  Really good T.V. documentary on Traci Lords.  You must have this if you are a T.L. fan.  I taped it in SP mode with the comercials.  Great quality.

Truth or Dare?: A Critical Madness-  Great low-buget horror film from the 80's about a guy who goes insane when he finds his wife cheating with a friend.  From then on its murder, mutilation, and all sorts of nastiness.  UPGRADE:  I got my factory original!!!  And yes, this is the one with the scene where A.J. from B.S.B. slits his wrists!!!

Un Chien Andalou & Land Without Bread-  Excellent films.  These are 2 surreal short films from back in the 20's.  Both were made by Luis Bunuel.  You HAVE to get these.  This is some of the best surreal film that you can see. 

Usumaki-  An awesome Japanese movie about a curse involving spirals that is causing some strange shit to happen.  You must have this one.  It's awesome.  Great picture quality.  

The Video Murders-  One of the worst movies I've ever seen.  The movie attempts to be serious, but comes off being one big joke.  Plot concerns a man named David who kills prostitutes in front of his video camera and the detective that's trying to track him down.  A must for all bad movie fans.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Factory original (rare as hell.)

Video Violence: When Renting Is Not Enough-  Campy horror comedy from the 80's about a couple who open up a video store in a small town.  One day they find an unlabeled video in the return bin that turns out to be a snuff film.  Pretty cool.  Mine is a factory original!  Excellent quality.  

Violent Shit- Very fun German gore movie.  This one needs no introduction.  Recommended!  Great quality!

Violent Shit 3-  This movie is so cool!  Extremely fun, but very bloody movie from Germany.  The final installment in the Violent Shit series (so far.)  Made in Germany, but dubbed into English.  A+ quality!

Yule Log-  A really cool, and very obscure little find.  Basically, its just a log burning in a fire place with holiday tunes as the soundtrack.  I think its point is to give a warm atmosphere to a room.  Get this if you're into obscurities.  

Zombie 90: Extreme Pestilence-  From the maker of the Violent Shit series.  This movie is gory, but fun to watch, mainly due to the extremely inept dubbing job.  See this if you liked the Violent Shit movies.  EXCELLENT quality.  Made in Germany, dubbed into English.