Ana (Me!)

I titled this page Chala. I don't know why. I guess that is what you have to do when you make a one page after your name even if you don't know what to do with the rest. Oh, NOW I'm getting ideas. I can tell you about my name.

Chala in Afan Oromo(go to the "Oromo" page if you want to know more about Oromo) means "the greatest." That is all for now. I wish I could teach you how to pronounce it online. Maybe some time in the future.

I am now finished with college. I have a B.A in Religion and Chemistry. YAY! I went to (it is past now:)) St. Olaf College located in Northfield, MN. Here is their mission statement. I tried to read the whole mission statement, but it was like one of the Vatican Documents I had to read in my Catholic Theology Class. (I did not even finish reading those documents. ) I loved St. Olaf. They have the best faculty. The students? I met a guy in Seattle who had wanted to go to St. Olaf because the women were pretty.

I am thinking very hard to come up with things you want to read. I thought hard. That is what counts. Have fun looking at pics and the other pages.

That was taken in Seattle when I was coming back from Rock Climinbing. The poor photographer has gone back in time. You will see a lot of that in many of my pics.

Ruling over the ruins. Rome, Jan. 2002.

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