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My DVD-r list

12 Monkeys 25th Hour 8MM A Bronx Tale Akira (2disc) Alice In Wonderland (Disney) American Beauty American History X American Pie (2disc) American Pie 2 American Psycho Any Given Sunday Army of Darkness Back to the Future Trilogy BASEketball Basketball Diaries Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Beyond the Mat Blade 2 Blow Blue Man Group: The Complex Tour Blue Velvet Boogie Nights (2disc) Boondock Saints Braveheart Brazil Cape Fear Carlito's Way Catch Me If You Can Chasing Amy (Crit.) Clerks Clerks:Uncensored (2disc) Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Dave Matthews Band: Listener Supported Desperado Detroit Rock City Devil's Advocate Dogma (2) Donnie Brasco Donnie Darko Dueces Wild Edward Sisscorhands El Mariacahi Evil Dead Evil Dead 2 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Crit. 2disc) Fight Club (2disc) Finding Nemo (2disc) Freddy vs. Jason (2disc) From Hell Galaxy Quest Godfather Trilogy Hannibal High Fidelity Jaws Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Kids LA Confidential Leon:The Professional (DC) Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels Lost Highway LOTR: Fellowship Extended (4disc) Magnolia (2disc) Mallrats Meet Joe Black (2disc) Minority Report (2disc) Momento (2disc) Mony Python's Flying Circus Box Monty Python's Holy Grail (2disc) Monty Python's Life of Brian (Crit.) Monty Python's Meaning of Life (2disc) Mulholland Dr. National Lampoon's European Vacation Natural Born Killers Nightmare on Elm Street Box Office Space Oh, Brother Where Art Thou? Old School (unrated) Once Upon a Time in America Pi Planet of the Apes 2000 Planet of the Apes Box Porky's 1&2 Princess Bride Pulp Fiction (2disc) Raging Bull Raising Arizona Requiem For a Dream Reservoir Dogs (SE 2disc) Resident Evil Ringu (Jap. Ring) Road Trip Rocky 1-5 Rocky Horror Picture Show (2disc) Rose Red (mini series 2disc) Run Ronnie Run: Mr. Show Rushmore (Crit.) Scarface (SE) Seven (2disc) Shawshank Redemption Silence of the Lamb Snatch Spaceballs Spider-Man (2disc) Spun Snow White (Disney 2disc) Spinal Tap Storytelling Superman Box Taxi Driver Terminator 2 Extended Texas Chainsaw Massacre The 5th Element The Big Lebowski The Crow (2disc) The Crow: City of Angels The Crow: Salvation The Doors The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen The Goonies The Great Outdoors The Hulk The Lion King (Disney 2disc) The Others The Ring The Rules of Attraction The Shining (mini-series 3disc) The Shining (Jack Nicholson) The Time Machine The Usual Suspects (SE) Tommy Total Recall Toy Story Box (3disc) Trainspotting True Romance (2disc) Twin Peaks (seas.1) Unbreakable (2disc) Underworld Van Wilder (Unrated) Vanilla Sky Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory X-Men Young Guns (SE) Series: Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Friends (seas. 1-5) Monty Python's Flying Circus (every ep.) Mr. Show (seas.1-3) OZ (seas.1) Rose Red (mini series 2disc) South Park (seas.1) The Shining (mini-series 3disc) The Simpsons (seas.1) The Sopranos (seas.1) Twin Peaks (seas.1) Anime: Akira DevilMan Vampire Hunter D