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  1. "[Imelda Staunton]'s a little more attractive than I pictured Umbridge, but that's okay because I always pictured Kingsley as a bit more Shaft and Lupin without the cardigans and Sirius without the pimp coats." ~Lissa of MRFH
  2. "How bad is David Thewlis going to have to look in the next movie? He already looked about ready to keel over here." ~Lissa of MRFH on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  3. "I may not have given them backyet...it doesn't mean I'm keeping them." ~David Tennant discussing "nicking" things from "the office"
  4. "It's not kind of his thing, isn't it? I mean, the relationship with The Doctor and his companion is always...it's always about everything but sex. I think we've got to preserve that." ~David Tennant
  5. "I am the North made flesh!" ~"Christopher Eccleston" in a Dead Ringers sketch
  6. "I was watching Tooth and Claw the other day, and found myself reflecting that it's a good thing that [David] Tennant can't use his actual accent for most of [Doctor Who], because I'd never be able to concentrate on what he was actually saying, ever, and I'd quite lose the threads of all the plot lines. When he says, 'Come sir -- you promised us a tale of nightmares,' it takes all my willpower not to swoon onto the floor." ~Draca Darkwingette
  7. "I can understand why some males have a hard time understanding the female mind. I don't understand my own mind, and I AM one! Er, a female, that is. Not a mind." ~Captain Chaotica!!
  8. "I need something that really expresses pure, festering, seething _hatred_. Something that doesn't cast aspersions on someone's parents or sexual habits, but denounces them as pure EVIL. In a nasty, disgusting, barely-allowed-to-say-it, horrible, vicious-sounding swear word kind of way. We don't have enough _evil_ swear words in English, it's all sex and excrement." ~Captain Chaotica!!
  9. "[The paparazzi] were outside the theatre every single night, but we came up with a cunning ruse. I would wear the same outfit every time - a different T-shirt underneath, but I'd wear the same jacket and zip it up so they couldn't see what I was wearing underneath, and the same hat. So they could take pictures for six months, but it would look like the same day, so they became unpublishable. Which was hilarious, because there's nothing better than seeing paparazzi getting really frustrated." ~Daniel Radcliffe
  10. "And that's two impossible things we've seen tonight. Don't you love it when that happens?" ~The Tenth Doctor (just four more and he can take a trip to Milliways)
  11. "If millions and millions of dedicated [Harry Potter] fans are mindlessly happy with the films we're getting, then my voice is going to get drowned out. And you know what? That's totally, utterly fine. More 'Doctor Who' for me!" ~Kyle of MRFH
  12. "Are you fictional, sir?" ~Jon Stewart to John McCain
  13. "You can buy [John McCain's] book, but in a week and a half, he'll have another." ~Jon Stewart
  14. "I consider it my duty to hate things." ~Neil Tennant
  15. "I think at its best the American sense of humor is the same as the British sense of humor at its best, which is to be wry and ironic and self deprecating." ~Simon Pegg
  16. "It only takes a room of Americans for the English and Australians to realise how much we have in common." ~Stephen Fry
  17. "'Nice' in a body guard is about as useful as the ability to regurgitate whole lobsters." ~The Marquis de Carabas
  18. "I can't honestly say I find an episode of Capt. Jack's TV show involving a sex-to-death alien particularly surprising, or, dare I say it, particularly far-fetched. Insomuch as a sexed-to-death alien can EVER not be far-fetched." ~Draca Darkwingette on Torchwood
  19. "Jar Jar Binks makes the Ewoks look like [freaking] Shaft." ~Tim Bisley
  20. "Being the Protagonist does not count as an excuse for survival." ~H. Vici Price
  21. "Just because you can't understand it doesn't mean it isn't true." ~Captain Jack Harkness
  22. "This is my timey-wimey detector. Goes 'ding' when there's stuff." ~The Tenth Doctor
  23. "Trust me, just nod when he stops for breath." ~Martha Jones about the Doctor
  24. "I'm going to spend the last twenty minutes here working on the Pittsburgh-Eating Email (which I am starting to _envision_ as the great big gray Apocolyptic Thing that attempted to Dementor Jack [Harkness] to death, because size will be relative between the two -- although hopefully the email will be a bit more pleasant to suffer through)." ~Draca Darkwingette
  25. "What do bosses do in situations like these? You know, regular bosses? Do I get to beat people?" ~Captain Jack Harkness
  26. "There are some things we're not supposed to know. You got a snapshot � nothing more." ~Captain Jack Harkness
  27. "Oh good, it's not the Chupacabra, it's just roving packs of mutant, blood-drinking dogs. Sleep well, kids." ~Stephen Colbert
  28. "Should I give my baby to a grizzly bear? Yes! But first I should wrap him in salmon and honey." ~Stephen Colbert
  29. "Hermits United. We meet up every ten years. Talk stories about caves. It's good fun...if you're a hermit." ~The Tenth Doctor
  30. "Was someone kissing me?" ~Captain Jack Harkness, coming back from the dead (again)
  31. "I'm the Doctor...and I just snogged Madame de Pompadour! [cackle]" ~The Tenth Doctor
  32. "Everyt... Everytime! It's Rule One: Don't wander off. I tell them, I do. Rule One." ~The Tenth Doctor
  33. "The monsters and the Doctor... Seems you cannot have one without the other." ~Madame de Pompadour
  34. "Stasis chamber - I do love a good stasis chamber." ~The Tenth Doctor
  35. "Don't they teach recreational math anymore?" ~The Tenth Doctor
  36. "Never underestimate plumbing. Plumbing's very important." ~The Ninth Doctor
  37. "Never waste time in a hug!" ~The Tenth Doctor (who obviously doesn't practice what he preaches)
  38. "Can I marry him?" ~Duckie after The Doctor had to restart his heart in "The Shakespeare Code"
  39. "Come on, Jamie, we'd better humour him." ~The Second Doctor as he is being arrested
  40. "You don't want to believe everything you see, Jamie." ~The Second Doctor
  41. "'TARDIS' is a...is a Gaelic word." ~The Second Doctor
  42. "No, Mr. Terrall, I am not a student of human nature. I am a professor of a far wider academy of which human nature is only a part. All forms of life interest me." ~The Second Doctor
  43. "[Is the dress] a bit short? Oh, I shouldn't worry about that; look at Jamie's!" ~The Second Doctor
  44. "I used my own special technique [for figuring out how the Cybermen's ship works]....Keeping my eyes open and my mouth shut." ~The Second Doctor
  45. "Some things are better left undone, and I have a feeling that this is one of them." ~The Second Doctor
  46. "Oh, yes I can [remember my family] when I want to. And that's the point really. I have to really want to to bring them back in front of my eyes. The rest of the time they...they sleep in my mind and I forget. And so will you. Oh, yes, you will. You'll find there's so much else to think about, to remember. Our lives are different to anybody else's. That's the exciting thing. There's nobody in the universe can do what we're doing." ~The Second Doctor
  47. "Jamie...remind me to give you a lesson in tying knots sometime." ~The Second Doctor
  48. "The best thing about a machine that makes sense is that you can very easily make it turn out nonsense." ~The Second Doctor
  49. "When you've been with the Doctor as long as I have, you begin to realize you don't know what he's talking about..." ~Jamie McCrimmon
  50. "The great hairy beastie...it's the Doctor!" ~Jamie McCrimmon
  51. "A nip [in the air]? A nip?! Look at my knees; they're bloody blue!" ~Jamie McCrimmon
  52. "We will now change the subject, please." ~Victoria Waterfield chastising Jamie for suggesting she wear more revealing clothes
  53. "I never answer questions until I'm properly introduced." ~The Second Doctor
  54. "Oh, I always live in hope." ~The Second Doctor
  55. "The computer is not designed to take risks, but that is the essence of man's process. We must decide." ~Penley
  56. "Some crazy man dancing a jig!" ~Random guy describing the Second Doctor
  57. "The Doctor stubs his toe on a rock and Jamie laughs enthusiastically." ~Narration in "Enemy of the World"
  58. "I see. You're determined to be mysterious." ~Astrid to the Second Doctor
  59. "No one threatens Salamander!" ~The Second Doctor
  60. "Sad really, isn't it? People spend all their time making nice things, and other people come along and break them." ~The Second Doctor's response to terrorism and scare tactics
  61. "Jamie...I think we're going to need torches." ~The Second Doctor
  62. "Well, when I was a little girl, I thought I'd like to be a scientist...so I became a scientist." ~Anne Travers' reaction to "What's a girl like you doing in a place like this?"
  63. "Revenge is a very human emotion." ~The Intelligence
  64. "His mouth pursed, but pursed in American, more generous than English pursing, ready for broader vowels and less mincing sounds."
  65. "What makes me a Poet, and not a novelist--is to do with the singing of the Language itself. For the difference between poets and novelists is this--that the former write for the life of the language, and the latter write for the betterment of the world. And you for the revelation to mere humans of some strange unguessed-at other world, is that not so?" ~Randolph Henry Ash to Christabel LaMotte
  66. "Why could she do nothing with ease and grace except work alone, inside these walls and curtains, her bright safe box?" ~A.S. Byatt, Possession
  67. "Now, I cannot believe, being no Machichee, that He, the Creator, if he exists, did not make us and our world that which we are. He made us curious, did he not?--he made us questioning--and the Scribe of Genesis did well to locate the source of all our misery in that greed for knowledge which has also been our greatest spur--in some sense--to food. To good and evil. We have more of both those, I must believe, than our primitive parents." ~Randolph Henry Ash
  68. "Do you know--the only life I am sure of is the life of the Imagination. Whatever the absolute Truth--or Untruth--of that old life-in-death--Poetry can make that man live for the length of the faith you or any other choose to give to him. I do not claim to bestow life as He did--on Lazarus--but maybe as Elisha did--who lay on the dead body--and breathed life into it-- Or as the Poet of the Gospel did--for he was Poet, whatever else--Poet, whether scientific historian or no." ~Randolph Henry Ash
  69. "I speak to you as I might speak to all those who most possess my thoughts--to Shakespeare, to Thomas Browne, to John Donne, to John Keats--and find myself unpardonably lending you, who are alive, my voice, as I habitually lend it to those dead men--Which is much as to say--here is an author of Monologues--trying clumsily to construct a Dialogue--and encroaching on both halves of it." ~Randolph Henry Ash
  70. "I am copying Swammerdam for you again--a problematic labour as I keep discovering small defects, some of which I mend and some of which merely make me anxious." ~Randolph Henry Ash
  71. "The whole of our scholarship--the whole of our thought--we question everything except the centrality of sexuality--Unfortunately feminism can hardly avoid privileging such matters. I sometimes wish I had embarked on geology, myself." ~Dr. Maud Bailey
  72. "Much of his writing met this fate. It was set down, depersonalised, and then erased. Much of his time was spent deciding whether or not to erase things. He usually did." ~A.S. Byatt, Possession
  73. "Nothing endures for certain, but good art endures for a time, and I have wanted to be understood by those not yet born. By whom else, after all?" ~Blanche Glover
  74. "Just at the moment, I'm trying celibacy. I like it. Its only hazard is people who will proselytise for their own way of doing things." ~Dr. Maud Bailey
  75. "Oddly, if we were obsessed with each other, no one would think we were mad." ~Dr. Maud Bailey
  76. "The blank space of these white pages fills me with fear and desire. I could write anything I wished here, so how shall I decide where to begin?" ~Sabine de Kercoz
  77. "A writer only becomes a true writer by practising his craft, by experimenting constantly with language, as a great artist may experiment with clay or oils until the medium becomes second nature, to be moulded however the artist may desire." ~Christabel LaMotte
  78. "That is human nature, that people come after you, willingly enough, provided only that you no longer love or want them." ~Sabine de Kercoz
  79. "I think uncertainty is maybe more painful than any other emotion, it both drives one on and disappoints and paralyses, so that we went on in a mounting kind of suffocation and bursting." ~Sabine de Kercoz
  80. "Vocabularies are crossing circles and loops. We are defined by the lines we choose to cross or to be confined by." ~A.S. Byatt, Possession
  81. "How true it was that one needed to be seen by others to be sure of one's own existence. Nothing in what he had written had changed and everything had changed." ~A.S. Byatt, Possession
  82. "I know of no painless process for giving birth to a picture idea. When I must produce, I retire to a quiet room with a supply of cheap paper and sharp pencils; my brain knows it's going to take a beating." ~Norman Rockwell
  83. "You shouldn't be watching nature. This is camping. Camping is about having nothing to do...in nature." ~Scout Master Lumpus
  84. "Another Weasley? You breed like gnomes." ~Auntie Muriel
  85. "Are--you--mental?" ~Ron Weasley
  86. "He looked around at the darkness, as if hoping a bad enough word would swoop down upon him and claim him." ~J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  87. "[Death's got an invisibility cloak] so he can sneak up on people. Sometimes he gets bored of running at them, flapping his arms and shrieking." ~Ron Weasley
  88. "[The wand would attract trouble] only if you shouted about it. Only if you were prat enough to go dancing around, waving it over your head, and singing, 'I've got an unbeatable wand, come and have a go if you think you're hard enough.'" ~Ron Weasley
  89. "This new idea that You-Know-Who can kill with a single glance from his eyes. That's a basilisk, listeners. One simple test: Check whether the thing that's glaring at you has got legs." ~Fred Weasley
  90. "Blimey, Neville, there's a time and a place for getting a smart mouth." ~Ron Weasley
  91. "Of course it's happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" ~Albus Dumbledore
  92. "I wish my life weren't this record album someone gave me that's almost over, and only the first few songs were any good." ~Connie Danforth
  93. "Almost as if we'd been diagnosed with a terminal disease, the sort of news that would once have appalled us was thrilling. I'm in remission, I might have two whole years to live? That's wonderful! Involuntary manslaughter only? Oh my, that's great!" ~Connie Danforth
  94. "What Stephen meant to say, I've always assumed, was that my mother looked beautiful. Or heroic, perhaps. Or courageous. Because my mother did look, at least to me, like all of those things. She seemed tired and she was pale, but looking back, I think I understand in a twisted way why at least one nineteenth-century convention of female beauty was vaguely tubercular--why, even at the end, Bram Stoker's Lucy Westenra and Mina Harker were still considered lovely." ~Connie Danforth
  95. "The wonders of space travel... The prettier it is, the more likely it is to kill you." ~Riley Vashtee
  96. "He's drunk...and he's also Hitler." ~Duckie
  97. "I have left for your culinary pleasure...hamster!" ~Duckie getting distracted
  98. "I dread the day I leave [Doctor Who], because then I'll have to go back to writing bedrooms and offices and pubs. And maybe a field, if I'm lucky." ~Russell T. Davies
  99. "Fun, that's the word I keep on using. That's the word I worry about when other writer's scripts get too dark. Optimistic. Fun. And to be optimistic and have fun there's got to be a darkness there. I think that's a very British attitude." ~Russell T. Davies
  100. "[David Tennant's] Doctor has such humanity, he seems to understand us and he's very warm, so he's a comforting Doctor to be with, and he enables us to be slightly scarier than we had been." ~Russell T. Davies

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