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Buddy Boy
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Rex Reed, New York Observer

"Not since Roman Polanski at the pinnacle of his European weirdness have I seen a film this strange and riveting. `Buddy Boy' is the work of a gifted new American director, Mark Hanlon, with a unique and courageous cinematic vision that produces nightmares. It's a thrill to discover a filmmaker with a talent as uniquely inspired and original." Read full review.

Michael Rechtshaffen, Hollywood Reporter

"A highly stylized and immensely watchable portrait of obsession [with a] visual style respectfully echoing the creepy ambience of a `Rosemary's Baby' or `Repulsion.'"


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Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

"In his feature debut Hanlon has put a lot on his plate, but his psychological insights are quite compelling."

Scott Macaulay, Filmmaker Magazine

"A striking fusion of Polanski-esque psychological horror and an American Gothic sensibility."

Michael J. Agovino, Time Out New York

"From the beginning, `Buddy Boy' has something going for it: a strong visual sense that jumps off the screen. And the film becomes something else -- indeed something quite good, recalling Kieslowski's brilliant `Dekalog' in its mood, religious preoccupations and spare dialogue."


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Lee Marshall, Screen International

"This first feature by scriptwriter Mark Hanlon hits the right balance of menace, weirdness and humor in its study of a mind on the edge of sanity. Susan Tyrrell is deliciously grotesque and the low camera angles and oppressive yellowy darkness look like they might have been shot by Samuel Beckett on acid."

Roger Kelsey, Dark Horizons

"Movies like this remind me why I like movies so much. A great film with some scenes that will blow you away!"

A.G. Basoli, Moviemaker Magazine

"A brooding and visually haunting first feature."


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Noah Cowan, Toronto Star

"This intense, darkly-conceived study of voyeurism and alienation is a disquieting and beautifully realized work; it marks a most impressive first effort from director Mark Hanlon."


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Jan Stuart, New York

"Mark Hanlon's `Buddy Boy' is a quirky and slyly amusing psychological thriller."

F.X. Feeney, L.A. Weekly

"The overall feeling of the film combines the creepy intensities of David Lynch and Roman Polanski; in particular, there are distinct echoes of `Eraserhead' and `Repulsion.' And from one end of `Buddy Boy' to the other, Hanlon shows real promise."

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Dan Persons, Cinefantastique

"A unique mix of smart chills, surreal drama, and black, black humor. Mark Hanlon's dark, wicked `Buddy Boy' takes risks, startles sensibilities, and toys with your mind."

Brian Nixon, Austin

"`Buddy Boy' has all the elements of a great Hitchcock thriller. Coupled with a haunting score by Graeme Revell, this movie is stunning. The images are both haunting and alluring."

Laura Kern, Indiewire

"The script, written by the director, contains some very smart, darkly comic dialogue [and] Hanlon certainly shows promise as a writer/director. His images are impressive."


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Ron Wells, Film Threat

"A movie my mother would hate. In this case, that's good enough for me. 3.5 of 4 stars."

Eric Monder, Film Journal International

"Writer-director Mark Hanlon creates a distinct film of his own with a loopy, unexpected sense of humor and a low-budget Grand Guignol atmosphere."


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Anna-Maria Petricelli, Cinema Sense

"A beautifully acted, haunting enigma about the sub-reality of daily experiences, two things jump off of the screen in 'Buddy Boy,' Aidan Gillen's performance and Mark Hanlon's directorial talent."


Jeff Bond,

"Part REPULSION, part REAR WINDOW and part BLUE VELVET, BUDDY BOY is a maniacally focused directing debut for Mark Hanlon that uses its limited budget brilliantly to create a claustrophobic, inescapable environment for its characters. Its Hitchcockian plot twists keep the viewer glued to the screen."


Bilge Ebiri, CitySearch New York

"From the performances to the visual composition, every frame of the film is directed with a kind of authority that first-time filmmakers always attempt but rarely attain."


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