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Nomadic warriors

The Golden Riders

by tirnanog


Disclaimer: This story takes a slightly different view of Darius' early life as set forth in the Watcher CD and other "official" sources. My version, which I introduced in an earlier story, Crossroads, Darius began life in Northern India and became a nomad of the steppes soon after he became Immortal. The Golden Riders goes into more detail about Darius' life as a nomad, and the training he received from his first teacher Ahasuerus the Parthian.

Thanks to my friend AC for beta reading and encouragement. Duncan and Darius belong to DPP, of course, and technically, so does Darius' teacher Ahasuerus the Parthian, since he is mentioned in the Watcher CD, but his character as depicted here is drawn from my imagination. Samara is my own creation, and any resemblance to persons dead, alive, or fictional is purely coincidental. As always, this is a completely non-profit, non-commercial endeavor for purposes of entertainment (mine, and hopefully, yours). Please send comments to the author.


Part 1-3

Part 4-6

Part 7-10

Epilogue, Notes & Sources

This story is Copyright ©1999 by tirnanog and may not be reproduced without permission.

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