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Author's Preface

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Please note that this story plays out in both forward and reverse timelines. The Chapters headed by the words of numbers (one, two, three etc.) are the forward frame story, set on the Island of Niebos in 2003, while those with Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3 etc.) are the flashbacks of Eleanor and Darius in reverse time order. They begin in 1993 and work backwards to 1164 when they first met. Because of the length of some of the flashbacks, I sub-divided some of the chapters for ease of posting (i.e. 2A, 2B, 2C etc.). Trust me on this... it will all make sense when we get to the end of the story.

Parts of two of the flashbacks listed as Chapters 5A and 6 appeared in another form as scenes which I rejected from using in Stolen Child to which this story is both sequel and prequel. Some of you may have seen those original scenes tucked away in various posts.

On names and characters: Darius, Methos, Grayson, the Watchers, Kronos, Cassandra, Hugh Fitzcairn, Ian Bancroft, Alexa Bond and Duncan MacLeod are from the series. Ramirez is from the first film. I have only borrowed them or their names for the purposes of this story. I acknowledge the creative genius of the Highlander cast, writers, production staff, and all who brought these characters to life. I also acknowledge the original creative genius of Greg Widen for his concept. I hope I am true to their vision.

In this story, Methos is also known to Eleanor as Edward Gray or Antoninus, until after about 1882. (I am still working on the exact date.)

After 1164, Aella thinks of herself as Eleanor, but frequently uses the name Marie among mortals. For her earlier background and her relationship with Methos, please refer to Crossroads of Time.

The Lady or Aja of Crossroads of Time are one and the same.

For Derrick's story and for additional information on Joaquin Carrera, see Stolen Child.

For additional information on Phillip and his teacher Danae, please see A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine. This story is still only alluded to here. Someday I may tell the entire story.

For more information about O ro' dred, see Crossroads of Time. His story and that of Nin are also ones I may tell sometime if people are interested.

I hope all is now clear. I do not think in linear time, so I hope you, gentle readers, can also do the mental gymnastics needed to follow the story.

One last thing, I pray I don't offend anyone with this portrait of Darius. It was very difficult to write. Let me know what you think! Like all writers I appreciate any and all comments. Please post your comments on the Official Highlander Web Board where the story was originally posted.



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This story is Copyright ©2003 by elle-norá and may not be reproduced without permission.
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