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Novembermond (November Moon), 1985
W. S. as Hoffman 
in Novembermond

Novembermond, directed by Alexandra von Grote, is at first glance a love story set during the German occupation of France in World War II. A Parisian woman, Férial, meets and falls in love with November, a Jewish refugee from Berlin, and takes great personal risks to hide and protect her lover from the Nazis. But Novembermond is not simply a film about the love between two women in wartime. It also deals with the complex political issues and ethical dilemmas faced by the people living in Vichy France, and depicts acts of cruelty and and acts of self-sacrifice and courage on both sides of the conflict. While it emphasizes the suffering of the French under heavy-handed Nazi rule, the film does not shrink from revealing the treachery of French politicians who sold out their own country, and French citizens who collaborated with the enemy and turned in their neighbors to the Gestapo for harboring Jews.

Novembermond is one of Werner Stocker's earlier films, and his role in it is little more than a cameo. He plays an SS officer named Hoffman who aids November in her escape from a Nazi-run brothel and is later executed for his disloyalty to the Reich. Werner has only a few lines of dialogue, and less than three minutes of screen time, but manages to convey a great deal of emotion without speaking a word. Although this film was made in 1985, it has only recently been released on DVD and video in the United States through the efforts of Wolfe Video, a company that specializes in gay and lesbian films. It can be found on their website as well as on other sites where videos and DVDs are sold.

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