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Armillary sphere

This is not intended to be a comprehensive links site by any means. It is a list of links that I have found entertaining or useful.

(At left, armillary sphere, 1753, made and sold by chez Desnos in the rue St. Julien le Pauvre, Paris.)

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Cool Highlander Link Sites

Darius Sites

Evil Ones--Tired of goodness? Try these bad guys!

Fanfic Sites

Fan Publications Online

  • The Buzz, the online newsletter of Highlander Worldwide, the Official International Highlander Fan Club. Many issues are available in html and/or PDF format. Some of the issues contain articles and references related to Darius, particularly nos. 2, 3, 4, and 17.

History Links

Official Sites

  • Highlander: The Official Site is primarily an online store where you can buy dvds and other Highlander items, but if you click on the Interact link at the lower left, you can get to the Official Highlander Forums.
  • Highlander WorldWide, (formerly Highlander DownUnder), authorized in 2004 by Davis-Panzer as the single international Official Highlander Fan Club. This site has all the latest news, information about upcoming conventions, and much more.

Synopses and Reviews

Sword Sites

Watcher Chronicles Sites

Book of Darius Main / E-mail

The Book of Darius The Book of Darius
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