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The 2001 Ottawa B-movie Explosion took place Sept. 12 at the National Archives of Canada. Attendance was good despite the tragedy in New York City the day before. Films that were featured included the following: HARRY KNUCKLES- DIRECTOR: Lee Demarbre. A trailer parody featuring Special Agent Harry "Spanish Fly" Knuckles.
SPACEMEN, GO-GO GIRLS AND THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS- directors: Brett Kelly and Jodi Pittman. Aliens from the planet Uranus have come to steal the Earth's mistletoe. Only three crimebusting go-go dancers can save the Earth.
ZOMBIE COP vs THE ALIEN TERROR- director: Brian Singleton. Zombie Cop Murray Snachez must stop the Alien Mortel Corporation from turning the world into mindless drones.
ZEBIDIAH the Anthropophagus - director: Miles Finlayson. A hiker is attacked by a strange little creature.
CLOWNING AROUND- directors: Brett Kelly and Jodi Pittman. A Clown comes home from work to find his clown wife having an affair.
FIVE MILLION DOLLARS AND A MOUSTACHE- director: Jody Haucke. Gangsters divide up their territory with the help of a famous boardgame.
VILLIANS ANTHOLOGY: THE LOSERS- director: Josh Stafford. Three super powered losers attempt to find the criminal hot-spot hang out in an attempt to fit in.

all movies in 2001 were directed by Ottawa area directors- the plan for 2002 is to show films from directors all over the world.