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Welcome to the brand new Lunchbox Soap Opera website. Updated!

Hello, welcome to the official LunchBox Soap Opera webpage! What is the LBxSO? It's a fantastically wonderfulicious real-life drama, with an all-star cast! (well sort of)

Nate Biagiotti / Weird Guy
Likes: He doesn't know.
Brittany Gerard / Mysterious Girl
Likes: Keagan Tilley
Alex Yeggy / Short Guy
likes: Nobody at the moment.
Jessica Dee / Annoying Girl
Likes: Justin Timberlake (she's obsessed, there's a restraining order).
Codee Sterner / Funny Girl
Likes: NOBODY!!! Can you get that into your thick skulls?
Keagan Tilley / Quiet Guy - Brittany's Boyfriend
Joe / Sweater - Belongs to Codee Likes: Nate Kathy Xayaphone / Nice Girl - Nate's Ex-Girlfriend
Tune in on August 23 for the first episode of the new season! What will happen????

Pictures of the characters coming soon! (maybe)

Major Developments Since Last Update (There are Many)