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History of Braveheart



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Braveheart tells the story of William Wallace, a Scottish revolutionary, and his struggle for the freedom of his country from the tyrannical rule of England's King Edward I.
In my humble opinion, this is the best movie that has ever been made. However, many historians say that this movie is a gross perversion of history. While I agree that there was definitely a "liberty" taken with the historical facts, as in all movies, calling it a "perversion of history" is a bit dramatic itself. The fact is little is actually known about William Wallace and his life the main points are that he started a revolution, led the Scots to victory at Stirling Bridge, was named High Guardian of Scotland, was defeated at Falkirk. He was then betrayed by one of his own countrymen which led to his gruesome execution. All of this was portrayed in the movie.
Perversion of History or not Braveheart was a powerful motion picture that was well written, well acted, and well directed earning it five Oscars.


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