Gay life is a world like no other. I think the first thing I ever noticed after coming out, was that I wasn't just gay. I was black and gay. You see it meant nothing to me, but I sure found out within the clubs I use to go to, or online that being a gay black man has it's drawbacks.

I remember picking up Cruise mag, hell, any gay magazine for that matter(porn included)and noticing that it was a white gay world. If I did see black gay men, they were always under headings like "black studs" or something sillylike that. Oh and what's up with this large cock envy thing? I wasn't blessed with the mammoth cocks I would see the black models with, and it was no big deal to me. But every time a white guy online would message me, they had to know if I was hung down to my ankles. I would always laugh, because I know it's not how big a guy is that really satisfies, but what they can do with it. After all a 7" guy can spread you wide and go deep, and nut 2 minutes into your hot ass. So where's the fun in that?

I guess I wanted to be accepted for me. I wanted to feel the love and acceptance of others like me, simply bonding because we were gay. I wanted to look within the gay community and see the rainbow of diversity in relationships, friendships, gay themed movies, and magazines.


As gay men, I've noticed that we enjoy keeping in shape as much as having hot sex. And if we really focus, some of us have turned average bodies into stunning muscular works of art and sex appeal.

I started working out a year ago. A few weights at home, until I could actually get up enough nerve to walk into a real gym and work out along side the many greek gods of my wet dreams.

Bally's was the place for me. I joined, after being taken on a tour by this great muscled guy. He was one of those guys who had a great butt. So walking slightly behind him on the tour was a lot of fun. He had an awesome body, and that was my goal, but at 5'9" I was skinny. My best feature at the time was my round tight ass.

So off I went to build the body I wanted. I knew everybody develops at different levels and the results vary, but I was pumped up for the new challenge. It had to have been 8 months later that I was walking out of Bally's with a woman who was fit as a T, and I commented on how committed I thought she was. I mean this lady was always at the gym, working up a sweat. She smiled and took the compliment and told me what a great form I had developed. I was riding on stupid, I guess and asked her what she meant, and she told me I had that nice "V" shape going on.

Of course when I got home I raced to the mirror and stepped back and took in my body. Maybe she was right, could it be, I was actually developing. Of course it would be a few months later before I dared to put on a rather form fitting shirt. Which I am pleased to say hugged the hell out of me. See I have a flat stomach, but my abs haven't developed where I want them, but you'd never know it by the way I looked.

We are suckers for a hot body. We like the look, as wwwell as the feel of having a hard toned body against our own. I remember seeing a porn star with his boyfriend. A relationship I still can't understand. Yet as ripped and hot the porn star was, his BF was nice looking, but not anywhere near the Adonis he was. So I guess that image of perfect always wants perfect isn't true. One of my best freinds hates all the importance that we gay men seem to put on looks and age.

He thinks we should like everyone, and maybe some day we will, but we still have to add in the factor of what we prefer. I have a loving BF who is white. I like what I like, but I've been told by some various black gay men that I shouldn't mix races. You fall in love with who you fall in love with. You date who you like ot date. For some it's all about the "look", and for others it's "who" the person is. We all won't end up with Greek Gods as mates, and quite frankly, some of them may have great smiles, hot desirable bodies, and be arrogant bastards.

What I don't like to see are guys who are rude when dealing with looks and age. I tell guys all the time, when it come to not liking a guy due to the fact he is of an ethnic background, whatever you do don't say stupid things like " I only like white guys" "Oh you're black....sorry not interested". It's no different than guys looking for guys with 7+ inches. I've always wondered when I was online, if it's jut the size they want, because a not so handsome guy can be hung as a horse. So then what do you do.

Well enough on this...later.

More to come.....