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My tribute page to Bennett Cerf

My introduction to Bennett Cerf can be directly attributed to my husband. I had never heard of the Mr. Cerf and could not understand my husband's persistant push for me to by one of the man's books. He finally said "You just need to get one of his books and read it. After that you will see what I mean". So I bought one. "The Laughs on Me". Then another title, and another... That book collection has now grown to well over 10 Bennett Cerf books. Each time I read one of his books, I think to myself "Why don't people discover him? They don't know what they are missing". But then the other half of me replies However, if they did, I would not be able to pick these books up for a song on ebay"

One of the funniest quotes of his book, and sticks in my mind the most (as silly as it is. Err..the quote, not my mind. My mind is not silly. Its clearly gone!)is:

Shake and shake, the ketchup bottle. None will come, and then alottle"

I have many others. I plan to post them here for you to read them. I hope that I don't step on anyone's toes at Random House(Mr. Cerf's publishing company) for not getting permission to post some of his quotes here. However, for those who are concerned, I am not making any money from this. 8^)

This site updated on October 25th, 2004. Please check back regularly as I will continue to add more items.

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