02.19.04: The release date for Jersey Girl has been pushed back to March 26, 2004.
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02.05.04: According to Coming Soon Ben has just signed on for Brat Farrar. The plot follows the siblings of an old-money family fighting for the inheritance from their recently deceaced father. Ben will play the eldest son, who had been presumed dead years earlier.

01.20.04: The Jersey Girl trailer is now available online.
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12.16.03: Coming Soon has posted an interview with Ben. The interview is mostly about Paycheck, but Ben also reveals that he would like to star in Kevin Smith's Fletch film and that his next writing project is an adaptation of a Dennis Lehane novel.
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11.26.03: On December 2, Ben will appear on Bravo's Celebrity Poker Showdown, airing at 9pm.

10.30.03: Coming Soon is reporting that Ben will star in Glory Road for producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The drama centers on a college basketball coach who led the first all-black lineup of players to the NCAA championship. The film will begin shooting in early 2004.
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10.27.03: According to Dark Horizons, Ben may reprise the role of Jack Ryan in Red Rabbit after all. The film may move forward sooner than expected now that Ben isn't making Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past. Speaking of Ghosts, Disney has disputed reports that Ben has been dropped as the lead, saying that the film is on hold because of "casting issues surrounding the other roles."
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10.25.03: The new Paycheck trailer can be found at Coming Soon.
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10.23.03: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ben will not star in Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past. Disney has pulled the plug on the project (which was to begin filming in four weeks) due to Ben's tarnished image and the failure of Gigli.
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10.19.03: Surviving Christmas now has a release date. The film will hit theaters on November 24, 2004.
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10.15.03: Ben received the "Champion of the American Way Award" from the People for the American Way Foundation's 2003 Los Angeles Spirit of Liberty Award Dinner. Read more about the event at ET Online.

10.05.03: According to this article from the Associated Press, a North Carolina woman has obtained a warrent for Ben's arrest, alleging that he threatened her.

09.25.03: Dark Horizons is reporting that the recent box office failure of Gigli may have cost Ben the Jack Ryan franchise. According to their source, producers of the next Jack Ryan film, Red Rabbit, are looking to replace Ben with Tom Cruise or David Duchovney.
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09.23.03: According to Sky News, Ben is in talks to star in the romantic comedy Bombay California.
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09.17.03: According to Film Jerk Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past will begin filming mid-November in Los Angeles.
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09.14.03: Various news sources, including People Magazine and Reuters, are reporting that Ben and J.Lo have split up.

08.13.03: According to Newsaskew, Ben is a contender for the lead in Fletch Won, along with Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon and Adam Sandler. It will begin filming in January, 2004.
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08.09.03: Jersey Girl's new release date is March 19, 2004.
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08.06.03: According to Coming Soon, Betty Thomas has signed on to direct Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past, which is slated to begin filming in the fall.
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08.01.03: Yahoo has the first Paycheck trailer... Ben is on the cover of the new issue of Hollywood Magazine.
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