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Boiler Room

1 hr. 50 min.

Boiler Room chronicles the rise and fall of Seth Davis, an enterprising college drop-out who, determined to prove his worth to a demanding father, takes a job at a small brokerage firm. There, in the company's "boiler room", where young men eager to earn their fortunes work the phones, Seth soon masters the art of the cold call and with his new job, begins to regain his father's respect. But the "boiler room" quickly draws Seth into a world of corruption and greed, ultimately jeopardizing all that he has gained, and all that he had before. Co-worker Debbie Hilliard becomes involved with Seth, while Vin Diesel plays Chris Varick, a young broker who teaches Seth the ways of the "chop shop". Release Date: February 18, 2000 Nationwide; January 20, 2000 Sundance'00.
MPAA Rating: R for strong language and some drug content.
Distributor: New Line Cinema