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Transfer Students 01 (Guest fanwork)
Transfer Students 02 (Guest Fanwork 02)
Transfer Students 03 (Guest Fanwork 03)
Battle Royale 2 Fanworks
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Camp Fire (Drinking Game)
Kiriyama Luv Luv (Kiriyama Shrine)
Revolution (DVD review)
BSchool Fanworks Competition 2004 *ENTER NOW!!*
BR Cosplaying Group *JOIN NOW!!*
Survivors (Links)
Kitano's Report (Updates)

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~Last update: 15th December 2004~

Welcome to Battle School- the webpage designed to accompany my fanfiction about the film Battle Royale. Here you will find fanfics, artwork, doujinshi, reviews and cosplay based on BR.

WARNING THIS SITE CONTAINS YAOI AND YURI FANFICTIONS! (This means relationships between people of the same genders Yaoi/Shonen Ai= Males Yuri=Females)

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