Camp Fire: The BR Drinking Game

Welcome to the Battle Royale Drinking Game! This is a fun and pointless game to try next time you sit down to watch Battle Royale with your friends.

Equipment Required:

1 Copy of Battle Royale

A bottle of your prefered beverage per player

Copious amounts of sweets and treats

Now sit round your camp fire and let the games begin!

Take one swig when:

~ A character uses their flashlight properly

~ Mitsuko smiles as if she's insane

~ Kitano eats a cookie

~ Anyone else eats a cookie

~ Someone is shot or stabbed

~ A collar begins to bleep

~ Kawada cocks his shotgun

~ Someone commits suicide

~ Shuya yells

~ Someone almost trips over

~ A photograph appears

~ A character wearing glasses is injured or killed

~ A score card comes onscreen

~ A character laughs hysterically

~ Someone says the word baka

~ A soldier is seen or heard

~ Mimura uses his laptop

Take two swigs when:

~ Kiriyama smiles

~ Kitano does aerobics

~ Mathematics is quoted

~ Kawada talks about his Father's jobs

~ A flashlight is used in a creative way

~ You see a lighthouse

~ A goal is scored in the basketball game

~ Kitano uses his water pistol

~ Mitsuko's sickle is used

~ Classical music plays

~ Someone rides a bike

~ Someone uses their map

Finish the bottle when:

~ Dragon Ash starts playing

~ You spot the stage lighting

~ You see Kiriyama discard his grenade by mistake

~ Mimura hits Lijima in the face