The movie's high camp was reinforced by the look of Batman's new vehicles for the film (apart from the re-designed batmobile). I think that Bat-Hammer and Bat-Sled were introduced just to advertise the huge action figure and toy vehicle campaign by Kenner.

The Bat-Hammer. Well, what's that supposed to mean? The Hammer of the Bat? Anyway, initial plans had the batmobile being able to transform into this vehicle, but such plans were abandoned and the designers came up with a unique vehicle. This thing was used for the final confrontaion of the -- ahem -- movie. And as an advertisment for the Kenner toy-vehicle.

The Vehicle can (of course) slide on ice, and its wings (supposedly) increase its stability. It relies on a jet engine and can reach over 160 km/h on ice. It's 1.8 m high, 3.88 m long and has 3 m wingspan.

While Batman had the bat-hammer, Robin used the Bat-Sled for the final confrontation in the film. It's nothing more than a ''retouched'' hovercraft with a maximum speed of 160 km/h on snow and/or ice. It is armed with torpedoes. The large propellers behind the driver's seat move the vehicle on the icy surface. It is 3.2 m tall and 3.90 m long. Another vehicle suitable for a toy.