SEEKING BATARANG: Something that changed was the look of the batarangs. This time the batarang looks more similar to the comic book, apart from the fact that it has a small LSD screen. It looks a bit like a bat-shaped Sega Game Gear. The screen was used to target the enemies around Batman. After the weapon was thrown, it would seek and hit the targets wherever they were.

THE GRAPPLING GUN: The grappling hook in Batman Returns is based on the first model from Batman 1. It is revised around the handle. Now it has more chrome parts. The launcher now is not at the lower part, but on the upper surface and it is operated with the thumb.



These little tubes are hidden in the utility belt, and contain several mixtures of chemicals. They have several effects when thrown separately or mixed together. The blue is napalm, the red explosive and the green KO gas.