Batman's gadgets and weapons were also completely re-vitalized by Ling and company, reflecting the organic, sleek, high-tech and futuristic style of the vehicles. Among the extraordinary weapons and gadgets from the Batcave vault are the Batarang, Clamp-Ended Bat Cable, Bat Bolo, Bat Torch, Bat Grapple Hook and Bat Goo Gun.


This film saw a dramatic change to Batman's basic weapon, the batarang. This version can be folded in the center, then the two wings are shifted apart. The process is automatic.

Grappling Gun:

The look of the grapple changed dramatically for Batman Forever, to fit with the ''new'' Batman. Now it is more powerful and can cut through hard rock, as seen in the bank sequence.

Batarang Launcher:

A strange variation of the batarang. It is hidden in the utility belt, and it is driven out by a launcher and placed automatically in Batman's hand.


This weapon is thrown around the feet of Batman's enemies and ties them with a thin rope. Then, with the push of a button in Batman's glove it can cause an electro shock.

Two-Face and the Riddler have their own signature weapons and other calling-card accoutrements. Two-Face basically relies on his famous coin, with one clean and one scratched side (although his thugs brandish old-fashioned Tommy guns futurized with circular, neon-lit magazines).

The Riddler's primary gadget is his famous cane, which Jim Carrey wielded with the facility of an award-winning baton twirler, based upon weeks of home practice during which the cane almost never left his grip. "You wouldn't think I was so great if you saw all the dents in my house," he quips.

The Prince of Puzzlers also utilizes intricate riddles to confound his enemies, designed for the film by illustrator Jim Carson and constructed by property master Brad Einhorn. "Some of them are like elaborate pop-up cards," notes Einhorn, "and some of them work with little motors. They were a lot of fun to do."