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The APO'S Latest News

If you want to reach us here are our screen names: Dcbmx2008 (Brandon) Sierravasque (Harry) MattGilberg (Matt)

You better watch out we are EVIL and will kill you in your sleep!!!!!!

On Sunday July 12th the posion ivy on my body has gotten worse and spreaded down to a bad location Im not going to say wear but it itchs badley.

On Saturday, July 10th was the worst my life could ever get. The session downtown was not good at all and my computer crashed which made me lose the video my songs and eveything else on it. So its back up running with nothing on it so im going to work on getting the video back toghther by searching 25 tapes of film and recapturing all of it into Adobe Premiere and work from there once I complete that stage in the video crisis. Have a good day!

On Thursday, July 8th I rode with Nima and Mike down at Hollow and it was such a sweet trail session. Mike was going huge and tried some jumps Nima and I were to scared to try. But overwell the session was awesome. We rebuilt some jumps and rode them and even got footage today. O yeah I got word today that Chris broke his collerbone and is out for 3 months. Haha what a dumbass I think if you had your bars in the right postion that would not of happen. I dont know what else to say so yeah I wanna go back to Hollow. Meet you there!

So on July 6th, of our great epic summer vacation. We went down to Hollow and saw Jesse,Mike,Chris,Jesse,Nima (yes Nima),Matt,Bill,and Brandon.(I forget the other kids name) The track is being redone so there wasent much room to ride but the session was still really fun and awesome. Mike jumping off the berm to the other jump 5 feet away. CRAZY. It was sweet. You dumbass Mike. Well talk about a dumbass Chris was getting made fun of the whole time. Brandon even made fun of him and thats an accomplishment. If you know what I mean.

On July, 5th Brandon was riding at the highschool and went off the "death bank" and went airborn 5 feet in the air and bailed off his bike and he did a 90 while he was almost like 3ft away from his bike and his back foot caught the cement and he fell on his neck and rolled over on his head.

This 4th of July sucked! First off the fireworks were like 15 minutes long. Then we went to some party and got accused for drinking wine and beer. But it was Sprite Remix! It was a very borning night. Thats all for now.

Coming in July the site is getting moved for various reasons. But it only gets moved if you want it! So vote now on the homepage. Happy 4th of July!

On Wednesday, June 30th, Brandon and Jameson went to ride a park in Ohio called Evolution Skatepark. The park was sick. It was a 30,000 thousand square foot warehouse with unbelieveable ramp setup. When we got there there was an ugly b*tch that ran the park and was really mean and almost didn't let Jameson skate because he need a wavier. She was like, "well what if he broke his neck!" So my mom complained and we got the manger Mike and worked something out so he could ride. Then later on in the session Brandon's brake cable snapped and so Brandon just rip it all off and rode no brakes for the rest of the day. Oh by the way jameson shoe came apart.Jameson's shoe has a hole.

On Saturday, June 27th for the third week in arrow Brandon has got hurt. He sprianed his ankel. It is not a bad sprian so he can prob still ride!

Neal has reported he has gotten the 1000th hit on the APO site! Good job Neal!

On Sunday,June 20th at Mt. Lebanon Highschool at the rockpile gap. Brandon went off it and fell and cut open his left shoulder, left side of his hip, and left hand.

On Thursday,June 17th the APO is going to pick up a never forgotin member of the APO. Joe Van Gombos is coming to Mt. Lebanon on an airplane from New Hampshire. Some sessioning will be going down in Lebo for the next five days he is here. To bad Jameson has to go to a lacrosse game in Maryland and then to lacrosse camp! HaHaHa!!!

On Wedensday,June 16 another huge session went down at McKenly. I (Brandon) again saw Thick Bikes there and rode around with them. Sorry I didn't get any footage of them. We just wanted to ride. Then when they left these little black kids came down (not being racists)I had to describe them some how) But once they got in our way the whole park started saying racists things to them. Well first off they were the ones who stared it but it was really funny if it went on for any longer there was going to be a real fight!

On Tuesday,June 15 a huge session went down at McKenly. I (Brandon) saw Chris Doyle and Todd walkowiak at Mickenly, so I went up and asked them if they knew my cousin Justin and they saiid yes so then I knew right then it was them and then I rode with them for the rest of the time they were there. They were throwing done all sorts of tricks, I filmed a little bit of them and there clips should be up on the site soon!

On Saturday, June 12 Matt,Brandon, and Nima went to Downtown Pittsburgh! We did not get much footage but some cool stuff went down on the ledges. Soon after we toured we headed up to Okland and we had to ride threw the Hill District and we were the only white poeople there and there were no cars and stuff it all insane and an adventure and thats where the trouble started. First, off Brandon got crushed doing doing a bunnyhop manual then to a drop off. He cased his back wheel and he must of had to much speed to try and stop and went forward head first onto the cement he got knocked out and was gasping for breaths while his head,elbow,wrist/hand,shoulder,and hip were bleeding. Then he could taste blood in his throat so he went to Arby's and some black guy who watched it all said, "want me to call an ambulance" and Brandon responed, "no" and he went off into Arby's and got water! Then heading back into town Nima got a flat tire which pretty much blew the day and we headed back home on the trolley! Brandon says, "it was pretty much a practice session for getting ready to film downtown, since we did not get much filming."

Well on Thursday the Mick. session got rained out buy we did a little riding in but no filming...But we will go back to Mick. soon.

Ok this is the deal,to hit off Mal. for this summer on the last day of school(June 10th)when we get out at 1:00,grab your bikes and boards because the van is leaving for Mickenly skatepark! We are going to hit up some park lines and film big tricks and what not! When we get back we will give you an update about the session!

The new APO video is now underway! Malevolence will dominate Havoc (our first video)in everything from filming angles to looks. What can I say about Malevolence? There is going to be so much good stuff I cant even explain whats going to be in it becasue we are out filming constantly everyday and editing everytime we have a chance so look out when Malevolence comes out on DVD or Tape, whatever you want it on! The price is unknown yet, so keep in touch with the news for more about the upcoming video Malevolence coming out in 04 sometime! I think this will be the lay out of the video. We will have profiles on Harry Griffin(skateboarder),Jameson Hall(skateboarder), Frankie Paladino(skateboarder),and Brandon Dull(biker). There will be a friends section which the following people are included in: Joe Van Gombos(skateboarder),Matt Hallburgh(skateboarder), Matt Gilbergh(biker), and maybe more. There also will be a sweet introduction,wrecked,Ohio scene Report,credits,and bouns footage. Featured place that will appear in the video: New Hampshire, Maine,Canton Ohio and Downtown Pittsburgh!

Another long hard day has gone by on Friday, May 23rd, Brandon was at St. Winafards trying the 8 set handrail. He was getting really close after fall after fall. You can tell he was hurting but then the wheather took over that day.

5-8-2004-Brandon has spraind his ankle at the Trails on Saturday late afternoon and is out for 2-3 weeks,But we are guessing that he will still ride.

The APO really needs more people in the video and more poeple to come to our sessions because its pretty much just Harry and Brandon. If you want to be apart of the APO please contact Brandon, or if you just wanna come to the sessions then please find out where the session is at and come and maybe get some footage in our video. Thats all for now.

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