(in alphabetical order)
1. AngelsFall-One web mistress's guide to the landscape of the electronic world she calls home. Features many links to LOTR-related materials, as well as various other projects including a BtVS fan site and research on the horse in ancient Greece.
2. Legends of Middle-Earth- I write novel length Tolkien stories, heavy in plot, the occasional OFC and of all ratings with het pairings only. At the moment, the fics feature Arwen, Aragorn and Legolas but will expand as times goes on. Also homepage to Legends of Middle Earth Webring
3. LOTR Fan fic page- This is my link to all other website for all of LoTR sites and fanfiction stories. Follow the link at the bottom to get to my fanfiction page dealing with almost all the characters in ME. Currently has one story up and working on more. There are three polls are up dealing with some characters of mine and some characters from LoTR.
4. Fanfiction, based mostly on the Elvish characters in the Silmarillion and Lord of the Rings.
5. Number 4 Bagshot Row- Just a fan site on Tolkien's amazing books! Info, pictures, etc.
6. A great fan fic site with a quiz.
7. Nienna- a great site on the Valie, Nienna.
8. The Road less travelled- My website. Fan fiction and TOFFA, plus non-LOTR fan fic.