Tolkien Faq

This is for any questions you might have. Check it out and tell me if its wrong if you're pretty sure it is. Thanks

1. What is the Silmarillion?
2. Who/What is the Ainur? Valar? Aratar? Maiar?
3. Where did Sauron come from?
4. How did Elves come to be? Men? Dwarves?
5. Who/What exactly are the Istari?
6. Do Elves that die become reincarnated or do they spend forever in Mandos?
7. How does Tolkien's diety and works match Christianity?
8. Are Glorfindel of Gondolin and Glorfindel of Rivendell the same?
9. What are the Elvish laws of Marriage?
10. When Celebrian was captured by orcs and supposedly raped, why didn't she die?

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