These are rules that you MUST follow when nominating a story. If any of the stories don't follow them, they are disquailified.

1. Story must be on a website somewhere

2. It must have something to do with Tolkien's work in it

3. No graphic sex/visual scenes(i'm the judge of that)

4. If any rules are broken, the story will be removed

5. Nomination must be complete

6. None of my stories may be nominated, but hosted ones can be, except for the fact that i don't have any hosted ones/

7. Have fun!!

8. Please keep the banner up on your site until AFTER voting is finished.

9. When nominating someone for the Silmarillion award, it MUST BE finished, it WILL BE judged by me, and it must have at least 4 people nominated for it.

10. All catagories must have at least 2 canidates or the whole catagory is thrown out.

11. No story that has won in the previous awards can be nominated in the next consecutive awards(If they won last time, they can't win this time)