Chapter 8- Year 130


                  Glorfindel exited his room, out to his secluded balcony, dressed in only in gray trousers and a loose white shirt.  He swung his wet hair over one shoulder to try and wring it somewhat dry.  He picked up his comb, wincing as he began to pull it through the golden knots.  Like he did every time he had to fight his hair, he cursed it and all the trouble it was, wishing to cut it off.

                  Êlenrana entered his room hesitantly.  She wasn’t supposed to be in here.  Bedrooms were off limits to unwed couples for the usual obvious reasons.  She finally mustered up enough courage to close the door behind her, glancing around his somewhat organized domain curiously.  She let her feet travel towards his soft singing.  She stopped in the archway, staring at his as he sat.  The loose shirt and trousers did not hide his muscular, yet lean figure like the tunics did.  Something led her forward to take the comb from his jerking hands.

                  Glorfindel’s head jerked up when someone took his comb.  The sweet scent of incense that came from Valinor alerted him to her presence.  She settled behind him as he turned slightly.

                  “ If anyone finds you here-” Glorfindel began.

                  “ Let them talk,” Êlenrana replied, “ I wished to be with you even if I did have to break a few rules to do so.”

                  She gently took a piece of his hair, pulling the comb through it softly.  She felt his wince when she hit a knot.  Êlenrana could brush his hair all day.  It was beautiful, feeling and looking of liquid gold.  She could feel him slowly relaxing under her touch.  Glorfindel was busy resisting the urge to shudder in pleasure at her touch.  He’d never known that brushing hair could be such an intimate moment.

                  “ All done,” Êlenrana whispered, her voice portraying what stirred in her also.

                  Glorfindel turned to face her.

*Open your thoughts.

Êlenrana obliged as his eyes searched hers.

                  “ Elrond told you I am leaving,” he sighed, “ I told him-”

                  “ Elrond told me you are leaving and forbid me to come.  He told me to take it up with you as to why,” Êlenrana replied.

                  “ Imladris is safe.  I want to keep you safe,” Glorfindel replied.

                  “ You want me safe?” Êlenrana moved closer.

                  “ Aye,” Glorfindel’s mouth parted a bit, leaning towards hers.

                  “ Do you need any help packing?” Êlenrana asked, her lips teasing his, by touching with a light flirtatious kiss.

                  Glorfindel knew she wanted exactly what he did.

                  “ If anyone catches us,” Glorfindel began.

Êlenrana seized his lips fully.  The comb dropped from his hands as he moved them to half-submerge in her hair as well as cup her face.

                  “ Êlenrana, Êlenrana, it has started.  Celebrian says it has started,” Elrond ran in.

                  The 2 separated quickly, expecting a reprimand from Elrond.  Instead, Elrond took no note of the situations, his eyes wide open, hair mussed and thoughts with his wife.

                  “ Relax, Elrond.  Glorfindel, keep an eye on him,” Êlenrana replied.

                  “ Is she going to be ok?  The baby…” Elrond chattered nervously as Glorfindel and Êlenrana walked with him.

                  Êlenrana caught Glorfindel’s exasperated glance heavenward and smiled.  Glorfindel shrugged, almost glaring at Elrond.  That baby had better come quickly or he might have to knock out the father just for peace and quiet.

*I wonder if I will be the same way…

Glorfindel pushed that thought away, but Êlenrana caught it still.

*Children before marriage?  The Elves would be in an uproar.  Êlenrana teased.

*I am working on the marriage part.

Êlenrana blushed and entered the room.  Glorfindel watched her go.  If only…


                  Elrond jumped to his feet as Êlenrana entered.

                  “ Well?” he sent her an exasperated glance when she was silent.

                  “ You have gwanûn,” Êlenrana replied with a smile, “ 2 boys.”

Elrond rushed inside to Celebrian’s side.  Êlenrana glanced at the still sitting Glorfindel.

                  “ Are you just going to sit there?” Êlenrana asked, placing her hands on her slim hips.

                  “ You try sitting with Elrond when he is anxious.  Twill be an experience you never forget,” Glorfindel slowly rose.

                  Celeborn and Galadriel entered the hall with great haste.

                  “ Has-” Galadriel began.

                  “ Twins,” Êlenrana answered. “ You may go inside.  She is fine.”

The 2 grandparents entered, leaving them all alone again.  Glorfindel slowly stretched, then held out a hand to her.

                  “ Come.  I will escort you to your room to change,” he said glancing at her soiled robes.

                  “ Your thoughts are still far away,” Êlenrana whispered.

                  “ I had a lot on my mind,” Glorfindel replied.

He watched her enter her room and sighed.  His thoughts had been far away.  He wished, even more now, for what Celebrian and Elrond shared: eternal love, and as peace slowly diminished, so did his changes.

                  “ Tis not possible now,” Êlenrana’s voice broke him out of his thoughts.

                  “ You cannot blame me for my thoughts,” Glorfindel murmured, “ And why does the lady refuse?”

                  “ You talk to one who has read the webs spun by Vairë.  Sauron will not sleep forever,” Êlenrana replied.

                  “ Point taken, but if Sauron does indeed rise again, maybe I will die-” Glorfindel began.

                  “ Do not speak so casually of death.  You will not be called to battle when he does rise leastways,” Êlenrana interrupted.

                  “ You fear death,” Glorfindel could not believe his discovery.

                  “ I fear losing you,” Êlenrana placed her hands on his crossed forearms, leaning towards him so their foreheads connected, “ I couldn’t live if I lost you.”

                  Glorfindel let her draw comfort from a kiss, keeping his arms crossed.  Êlenrana finally drew back.

                  “ You would give me time to think of this and tell my mother?” Êlenrana asked.

Glorfindel nodded.

                  “ And your father.  I would speak to him myself, but I would not wish to remain in Valinor after I had,” Glorfindel answered.

                  “ Must we tell my father?” Êlenrana asked.

                  “ Yes,” Glorfindel answered firmly, “ He deserves to know.”

                  “ 2 years,” Êlenrana whispered.

                  “ Longer if you wish,” Glorfindel replied.

                  “ Maybe earlier,” Êlenrana arched her eyebrows.

                  Glorfindel gave her a gentle kiss, leading her to his room.  Drawing from an intricately designed white box, he held 2 silver rings.  He watched her steadfastly as he slipped the ring onto her finger and she did the same to him.  The light that shone from their eyes made even the Two Trees of Valinor dull in comparison as they rejoined the new parents.  Celeborn nudged Galadriel motioning with his eyes to the rings.  A smile lit Galadriel’s face as she looked up at Celeborn.  This day had been far too long in coming.


                  Varda could barely contain her excitement as she entered the main hall of their home on Taniquetil where Manwë was.  He hummed part of the Ainulindalë, signaling he was in a good mood.  Varda sighed in relief.  That would make what she had to say a bit easier, or so she hoped.

                  “ Manwë,” she sang.

Manwë’s head shot up and he smiled at the vision of his stunning wife.  Excitement seemed to make her glow even more.  His brow puckered slightly, perceiving she needed to speak of Êlenrana.

                  “ What has befallen our daughter that you rejoice in?” Manwë asked.

                  “ Love,” Varda answered.

                  The highest of the Valar leapt to his feet, eyes burning as fiery as the Imperishable flame that dwells with Eru (Ilúvatar).

                  “ What do you mean?  Only Elves, men and other beings dwell down there.  None of which, even among the Firstborn Elves, are worthy of her,” Manwë raged.

                  “ He is one of the Firstborn.  I met him 21 years ago.  He is a fine Elf,” Varda defended, “ He was the one who wished to gain your approval, unlike your own daughter, who wished to hide it.”

                  “ Ok, I will meet him,” Manwë nodded.

                  “ Manwë, tis not your place to interfere.  Êlenrana will have him or no other just as he will have no other either,” Varda said.

                  “ We will see.”


                  “Your father is coming here?”

Glorfindel choked on the wine he had drunk.

Elrond and Celebrian sent the coughing lord and flushing Êlenrana questioningly glances from their places at the head of the table.  Êlenrana smiled brightly, too brightly, at them in reassurance.

                  “ You are drawing attention, love,” Êlenrana muttered through her smile.

                  “ Your father,” Glorfindel began.

                  “ And mother.”

                  “ Are coming here?”

                  Glorfindel had paled considerably.  Not in his wildest dreams had he expected the Lord and Lady to actually come and visit.

                  “ Now who is the one-” Êlenrana began.

                  “ I’m just surprised,” Glorfindel placed a reassuring hand over hers.

The rings glinted in the morning light.  Glorfindel stood, helping Êlenrana up.

                  “ May we inquire what had you 2 so deep in conversation?” Elrond and Celebrian joined them on their way out.

                  “ My parents journey here,” Êlenrana answered.

                  “ They’re coming here?” Elrond had paled, glancing around the now suddenly drab interior.

                  “ Êlenrana,” a beautiful blonde rushed towards her.

                  “ They are here, my husband,” Celebrian corrected.

                  Elrond was suddenly thankful for the cold weather.  There were not as many Elves around as usual.  The regal gold haired couple would have attracted unnecessary attention.

                  “ Father,” Êlenrana addressed the man, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

                  Glorfindel hesitantly approached the family.

                  “ Tis good to see you again,” Varda hugged him.

Glorfindel was surprised by the action.

                  “ Do not let anything he says dissuade you from marrying my daughter.  I approve fully now that I see what has blossomed between you two,” Varda finished in a soft whisper by his ear.

                  “ So you are the Firstborn,” a booming voice scared Glorfindel.

                  “ Daddy, this is Elrond and Celebrian, lord and lady of Imladris,” Êlenrana cut in.

                  Both Elrond and Celebrian bowed low.

                  “ We are honored to welcome you into this homely house,” Elrond said.

                  “ You are as proper as your father, though he is far less tern now,” Manwë replied softly, watching Elrond’s eyes glisten at the mention of his father, “ I do believe Glorfindel and I will take a walk in these beautiful gardens.”

                  “ Daddy, do you not wish to-” Êlenrana began, fishing for anything to bide more time.

                  “ I wish to speak to him first, daughter,” Manwë led Glorfindel off.

                  “ Mother,” Êlenrana wailed softly, “ He will kill him.”

                  “ If your father remembers what I have told him, he will not,” Varda replied, turning to Celebrian, “ Lady Celebrian, I have heard you bore twins.  May I see them?”

The women moved off in one direction, talking of the twins and Elrond was left alone.  He scratched his head in confusion before heading for his library.  He needed to clear his jumbled mind.


                  He was going to die.  Glorfindel tried to think on pleasant things, but it always returned to that one thought.

                  “ You wish to wed Êlenrana, though she is my daughter,” Manwë sighed, “ You should be glad Varda straightened me out before we came.  As much as I hate to admit it, through your fear of me, I can see your love for my daughter.”  Manwë chuckled a little.  “ Twill be odd to hear Varda ask herself to witness the wedding when she is the mother of the bride.”

                  “ Then you will let us wed?” Glorfindel dared to ask, “ Êlenrana has asked for a 1 to 2 year period betrothal.”

                  “ I will allow you wed, but I warn you.  If you do not treat her with the respect due, I will send you to join Melkor in the Void that is Without,” Manwë warned, “ I see much sorrow ahead for this land.  My daughter will bear it and I expect you to be there with her.”

                  Glorfindel solemnly nodded.

                  “ Thank you, my Lord,” he said.

                  “ I would have you find me a Silmaril like Thingol had Beren, but, alas, they are lost.  You should consider yourself luck,” Manwë said.

                  “ I am,” Glorfindel replied.

And Manwë sensed it had nothing to with the fetching of the Silmaril.


                  Êlenrana watched the twins sleep peacefully.  Celebrian had barely had any rest since their birth so she had promised to watch them.  Elrohir stirred, whimpering in his cradle.  Êlenrana lifted him up, rocking him in her arms.  She turned and found Glorfindel watching from his place, leaning against the doorway.

                  “ You should not sneak up on one with a baby in her arms.  What if I had dropped him?” Êlenrana scolded.

                  Glorfindel approached, standing beside her.

                  “ I knew you would not.  You knew I was there,” Glorfindel replied.

                  “ True,” Êlenrana shrugged.

                  Varda motioned silently for Manwë to follow her.  The 2 watched as Elrohir babbled happily in Êlenrana’s arms.  Glorfindel had one arm around her waist as he watched the baby, then glanced up at Êlenrana.

*One day…

Êlenrana ducked her head at his words and then back up.  The dim light did not do justice to the love that bubbled from their souls.

                  Varda looked up at Manwë with a smug look.

*See, they are in love

*Peace.  I have allowed the wedding.

*Tis good.  I would have had them go on even without your approval.

Manwë smiled down at his teasing wife.

*Come, before they find us spying.

Varda allowed him to lead the way back towards their room.


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