Chapter 7


AN: Vilya= ring of sapphire; one of the 3 Elvish rings of power; given to Elrond by Gil-galad.



                  “ Welcome back,” Êlenrana greeted Celebrian at a hill near Imladris.

                  “ Is he still unaware?” Celebrian asked, a youthful excitement lighting her face.

                  “ Aye, he believes you are staying in Lorien until the wedding.  Quiet your thoughts or he will hear them and know you are here,” Êlenrana answered.

                  Celebrian pushed her horse ahead of her handmaidens to ride beside Êlenrana.

                  “ And how is Lord Glorfindel these days?” Celebrian asked mischievously.

                  “ You will find him in good health.  I will be sure to relay your worry to him,” Êlenrana answered.

                  “ Then tell me of your trip.  Anything that I should know of?” Celebrian’s smile grew catching Êlenrana’s reddening ears.

                  “ Shh, we are here,” Êlenrana replied.

                  Glorfindel met them, his navy blue robes blowing in the wind.  He held out his hand first to Celebrian to help her dismount, and then moved over to Êlenrana.  He reached up, grasping her waist to set her down on the ground.  Celebrian caught their lingering closeness.  Êlenrana turned her head away bashfully, daring to glance upward at him again.  He whispered something only she could hear.  Celebrian found the exchange interesting, but she really wanted to find her Elrond.

                  “ Where is he, Glorfindel?” Celebrian asked.

                  “ His study.  Hurry before he leaves for the noon-day meal,” Glorfindel answered, his eyes rooted to Êlenrana the whole time.

                  “ We will finish our talk later, Êlenrana,” Celebrian said before walking off.

                  “ What-” Glorfindel began.

                  “ Our trip.  She wants to know everything,” Êlenrana replied.

                  “ Everything?” Glorfindel tugged her closer.

                  “ Glorfindel, we are in public.  They are watching,” Êlenrana glanced at the giggling handmaidens, obviously infatuated with the handsome lord.

                  “ Let them watch,” Glorfindel murmured, leaning down again.

                  “ Come,” she pulled him towards the outcropping of willow trees.

Celebrian turned in time to see the whole exchange.  She grinned broadly before hurrying off.


                  Elrond had his back to her.  He moved among the rows of books with a liquid grace Celebrian admired.  His fingers gently slid along the backs of books, searching for a certain one.  Celebrian snuck up behind him (a hard task, mind you) and covered his eyes just as he began to flip through a book.

                  “ Êlenrana, for all the wisdom you possess, you are still a child.  I have no time for games.  Glorfindel will gladly participate in them.  Go find him,” Elrond sighed.

                  He was far too overwhelmed with last minute wedding preparations for her games.

                  “ Êlenrana and Glorfindel are out in the gardens.  Need I fetch them, my lord?” Celebrian whispered.

Elrond dropped the book as he spun around.  His eyes ran down her as if he’d never seen her before and then a smile, a real one, graced his stern, tired face, erasing all worry. 

                  “ I’ve missed you so much,” he whispered, “ Come here.”

                  She didn’t need an invitation.  She was in his arms before he even opened them.  Elrond gently tipped up her chin, gently kissing her and ignoring the approaching footsteps.

                  “ The happy couple has found each other I see,” Celeborn’s amused voice came from the doorway.

                  “ When did you arrive, Daddy?” Celebrian asked in surprise, “ I thought you and mother had traveled to Lindon.”

                  Elrond refused to release her from against him and Celebrian did not mind.  She was content to rest her head on his chest to listen to her father.  She could feel Elrond’s subtle joy at her return.

                  “ Your mother went alone to Lindon to wait for us,” Celeborn answered, “ Tis but a few weeks before Elrond takes you from us and we wanted to spend them together.”

                  Both Elrond’s and Celebrian’s shoulders slumped as they looked at each other longingly.

                  “ I will be outside,” Celeborn sensed they needed some time alone.

Elrond sighed.

                  “ I guess you should go.”

Celebrian nodded.

                  “ I had hoped for us to be together sometime before the wedding festival,” Elrond finished.

                  “ This is some time,” Celebrian draped her arms over his neck.

                  “ Do not tempt me, Celebrian,” Elrond whispered huskily.

                  “ I will not,” Celebrian replied.

Their lips met and they just seemed to melt in each other’s arms.  Celebrian slowly and unhappily moved away, knowing she’d never leave if she did not now.

                  “ I guess I’ll see you at the wedding,” Celebrian said.

Elrond kissed her hand, trying to pull her close to steal one last kiss.

                  “ Elrond,” Celebrian reprimanded, “ My father waits.”

                  “ Go then.  I will see you soon,” Elrond smiled innocently.

He watched her leave with a sigh, the room seeming to dull and constrict without her.


                  Glorfindel felt his already high spirits rise even more as he searched for Êlenrana amidst the weeping willows and hanging flowers.  Only the echoes of her giggles kept him on her trail.  He was getting closer.  Glorfindel rounded a corner, smacking into another person.  Glorfindel slowly looked up.  Elrond lay on the ground, slowly rising.  Êlenrana appeared, helping up the bridegroom with mirth dancing in her eyes.

                  “ What a coincidence.  I was searching for you,” Elrond said, brushing off his robes, “ I have lost the rings and the festivities draw to a close.”

                  “ They are up in the old library on your desk where you told me to put them,” Êlenrana answered softly.

Elrond rushed off.

                  Glorfindel’s hand latched onto her wrist.

                  “ Caught you,” he said.

                  “ Tis not fair,” Êlenrana pouted.

                  “ I would have caught you anyways,” Glorfindel shrugged, “ Does the winner receive a prize?”

                  “ Maybe,” Êlenrana smiled coyly.

                  Glorfindel tugged on her wrist and she came willingly.  One of his arms slid around her waist as both of her slid around his neck, drawing them close to each other.  His other hand cupped her face, his thumb caressing her cheek as he brought her face close to his.  A gentle tingle flew through the both of them when his lips covered hers.  He almost pulled back, but Êlenrana would not allow it, moving even closer.  A burning desire lit Glorfindel and he knew he never wanted to leave her.


                  Elrond leaned over to Círdan as they stood off to the side of the festivities.

                  “ Where is Glorfindel?  The festivities are…” Elrond closed his eyes in exasperation, “ He is with Êlenrana.”

                  “ They will come.  The festival is still very much alive.  Go find your bride,” Círdan urged.

                  “ Elrond, is not the bridegroom to be joyous?  There is nothing to worry about,” Celebrian slid into Elrond’s arms.

                  Elrond smiled slightly, seeing the necklace she wore.  Part of Elvish custom was for the father of the groom and mother of the bride to give the one marrying their child a gift.  Elrond had only one thing in remembrance of his father: a mithril chain with an intricate stone of deep violet lightening to white around the edges.  Galadriel had given him a necklace of sapphire, saying it was an heirloom.  He knew it was because he was the carrier of Vilya, the ring of sapphire.

                  “ Elrond,” Celebrian caressed his cheek.

Círdan left them in search of the missing couple.

                  “ Glorfindel and Êlenrana have disappeared,” Elrond said.

                  “ Is that all that causes that frown?  Come, forget all that.  This is or night,” Celebrian led him back into the merriment.


                  Círdan searched the gardens first smiling when he found the couple intertwined in a sweet kiss under the rising stars.

                  “ Glorfindel,” Círdan reprimanded, “ Tis the second time I have found you like this.  Should you now take care in protecting the lady’s reputation as well as your own?”

                  “ No one would dare,” Glorfindel’s eyes darkened at the thought, “ Leastways, all are at the feast.”

                  “ Except you two.  Elrond is worried as the feast draws to an end and the one acting as his father is not there,” Círdan replied.

Glorfindel took Êlenrana’s hand to lead her back.


                  Círdan laid a hand on Elrond’s shoulder.

                  “ I found them in the gardens,” he said, “ I need to sit them down and remind them of their responsibilities and the rules of Elvin propriety.”

                  “ Have you no heart, Círdan?” Glorfindel protested.

                  “ If you and Êlenrana grace us with a song, then all is forgiven,” Elrond requested, “ Just one song.”

                  “ Please.  For Elrond and I as part of a wedding gift,” Celebrian chimed in.

                  Glorfindel glanced at Êlenrana who looked none too happy to sing.

                  “ Can you sing, Êlenrana?” Elrond asked.

Êlenrana nodded silently.  She glanced up at the dusk sky and prayed for clouds, but none came.

                  “ What shall we sing? Êlenrana asked with a sigh.

                  “ The song for Varda,” Celebrian answered.

                  Elrond’s quick nudge reminded his bride that this was Varda’s daughter they spoke to.  It was easy to forget since Êlenrana did not flaunt the powers they knew she must have and she had become part of Imladris.  Êlenrana waited for Glorfindel to begin to join.

A Elbereth Gilthoniel

silvern penna mírel

o menal aglar elenath

Na-chaered palan-dírel

O galadhremmin ennorath

Fanuilos, le linnathon

Nef aer, sí nef aearon

                  The stars rose, brightening in the sky.  The place was silent, save Êlenrana and Glorfindel as they sang for the couple, their voice blending in a harmony that challenged the Ainulindalë (music of the Ainur).  The last note lingered, resonating in the evening air before fading into the lonesome night.

                  “ Let the ceremony begin then,” Celeborn stood.

Elrond stood with Celebrian.  The bride caressed her to-be husband’s cheek before taking his hand.  From there on, customs took over.


                  Glorfindel noticed Êlenrana was not inside.  He spied her pale violet colored robes and golden waves out on the balcony nearby.  She was easy to find just as he was since golden hair was not common among the Elves anymore.  He picked up the delicate white shawl she had left in her chair and joined her.

                  “ Why are you out here?  It is much too cold,” he wrapped the shawl around her, placing a kiss on her temple.

                  “ The ceremony is no different from when Mandos and Vairë participated in it.  Twas quite odd to see it used among the Elves,” she answered.

Glorfindel sat beside her, letting her lean her body into his arms.  She seemed so tired, so worn.  Êlenrana relished the safety and strength she found in his arms.

                  “ Are you ok?” he asked, feeling her go almost limp against him.

                  “ My heart breaks for what I know is ahead for them,” Êlenrana answered.

                  “ Let me take it,” Glorfindel whispered.

Êlenrana buried her face in his shoulder.  He could handle her sorrow, she knew and he would always be there to help her bear it when it became unbearable.