Chapter 6


                  Êlenrana hesitantly approached the lapping waves to put a bare foot in the chilly waters.  Glorfindel watched her from his seat in the sand.  She hadn’t noticed him.  He tilted his head, his eyes never straying from her.  Even now, he could see the sorrow, yet the peace in her.  Sure she was beautiful, but there was something else; something that set her apart from all the other maidens vying for his attention.  She was the first person that made him feel like he needed her.  All his time of always being alone had finally caught up to him.  He needed her and he hoped she felt as if she needed him to be complete.

                  His gray eyes clouded with sadness as Varda’s words echoed in his head.  An attraction was all it could be.  He was-

                  “ Just an Elf-lord?  First of all, position does not matter to me; second, you should have not been eavesdropping and third, my mother knew not of what she spoke,” Êlenrana settled beside him.

He flushed slightly; irritated at himself for letting his thoughts fly freely with her about.

                  “ It should matter.  You deserve-” Glorfindel began, trying to convince her as well as himself of what had to be done.

                  “ The best?  Do not try to fool me, Glorfindel.  Your thoughts are far from giving me up,” Êlenrana interrupted.

                  “ It is what must be done,” Glorfindel replied softly.

                  “ The daughter of Varda is hard to ensnare, but once caught, she does not leave for anything,” Êlenrana whispered, breaking up the tense silence.

                  “ Nothing?” Glorfindel’s eyes relayed his doubts.

                  “ Nothing,” Êlenrana repeated firmly.

                  Glorfindel gently pulled her close to him.  She settled between his long legs, laying her back to his hard chest with a content sigh.  Glorfindel pressed his lips to the top of her head.

                  “ Who am I to dissuade the daughter of the Stars?” Glorfindel murmured.

Êlenrana looked back at him with a smile that spoke beyond just a facial expression and into her soul.

                  “ I do not want this to end,” Êlenrana whispered, snuggling against him even more.

                  “ We have forever, Ele (Pronounced l-e).  Evil is dormant for now, though we must go back to Imladris where a fire breathing lord waits,” Glorfindel’s warm breath tickled her ear, “ He’s probably overwhelmed by Imladris’ daily workload and wedding preparations.”

                  “ I still wish we could just stay like this forever,” Êlenrana whispered.

Glorfindel gently kissed her temple, the gentle, lingering expression speaking more clearly that any words he could utter.


                  Elrond stared blankly at a sheet of paper.  What was this from Thranduil?  He scanned it quickly, and then sighed in relief; only a birth notice.  Thranduil finally had the son he had longed for.  Elrond threw it aside.  Right now, he did not care.  He needed help with the work that was piling up.  Where was Glorfindel?  Where was…  Elrond sighed.  If only Gil-Galad had lived to see this.  He would have reveled in teasing Elrond.  The lord smiled, taking a walk through his memories.

                  The doors flew open, jarring him from his reminiscing as he shielded his eyes from the bright setting sun.  2 figures entered in with it.

                  “ Good evening, Elrond,” Glorfindel shut the door.

                  “ You’re back.  I have needed your help immensely this week, but I had sent you off to Lindon,” Elrond sighed in relief, happy they were back.

                  “ You sent me,” Glorfindel shrugged.

                  “ And it was quite enjoyable,” Êlenrana spoke up, settling in a plush chair.

                  Glorfindel turned to look at her.  Elrond watched, as they silently seemed to communicate something making him feel as if he were obstructing it by being there.  Something had changed.  Something had definitely changed.  It seemed as if they had put aside all titles and bloodlines and such to meet the other for who they really were.

                  “ And you, princess of the stars, where were you when I needed your counsel?  Traipsing under the stars with this no-good lord no doubt,” Elrond clucked his tongue teasingly.

                  “ And I would do it over again,” Êlenrana was unfazed by his gentle scolding.

                  “ Lord Elrond.  King Valandil is here to see you,” an Elf announced.

                  Êlenrana stood to leave, but Glorfindel stopped her.

                  “ Valandil is here to visit.  This is his birthplace and Elrond is like a father to him,” he whispered.

Êlenrana nodded, reseating herself.

                  The tall dark haired man resembled Elrond close enough to almost pass for the lord himself if the King were a bit taller and thinner.

                  “ Tis good to see you, Uncle,” Valandil embraced the lord, “ I received word of the upcoming nuptials and had to congratulate you in person, but I will not be able to attend.  My wife is with child.”

                  “ Thank you.  I’m sure Celebrian will be sad to have missed you,” Elrond replied.

                  “ I see trusty lord Glorfindel here, as always, helping keep my Uncle in line,” Valandil teased.

                  “ I have been the one needing to keep him in line.  He was off traipsing in Lindon this last week,” Elrond replied.

                  Glorfindel merely shrugged, slightly glancing back at Êlenrana.  Valandil’s eyes widened when he finally saw Êlenrana.  He could not believe that such a regal looking being could exist; but then of course, he was mortal and had not seen many of the other fairer maidens.

                  “ M’lady, I do not believe I have had the pleasure to make your acquaintance,” Valandil gently kissed her hand.

                  “ Êlenrana, daughter of Celeborn and sister of Celebrian, King Valandil.  It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Both Elrond and Glorfindel let out pent up sighs.  She had remembered her alibi.

                  “ I am tired from our long journey.  I do believe I will retire,” Êlenrana stood.

                  “ Sleep well, nîn bain gîl (my beautiful star),” Glorfindel whispered.

Their hands met, hers slowly falling from his as she walked away.

                  Valandil’s eyebrows rose as he watched the couple, and then glanced at Elrond.

                  “ Do my eyes deceive me or has our little Glorfindel finally fallen in love?” Valandil teased.

                  “ They have known each other for but a year,” Elrond replied.

                  “ I’m sorry that is such a short time to you Elves.  To us, twould be a more than adequate courting period, but I guess yours must last a couple of centuries,” Valandil laughed.

Elrond shook his head at the mortal’s flippant attitude of time.  Glorfindel turned to look at them, perceiving it was him they talked of.

                  “ Why am I always the one picked on?  You tell me I need to find a beautiful maiden and I am teased when I do,” Glorfindel whined good-naturedly.

                  “ As much as I want to stay, I must be on my way.  Círdan expects me in the morning and we still have a two day journey ahead of us,” Valandil shrugged, looking disappointed.

                  “ Go then and be safe,” Elrond nodded.

                  The young king left.  Elrond looked at the standing Glorfindel.

                  “ So, what happened up in Lindon?  Something is different because you 2 act differently,” Elrond asked.

                  “ She cares not that I am just an Elf-lord,” Glorfindel answered, “ And as Gil-Galad would have said, ‘ He is gone.  He is farther than lost now.’”

                  “ Then you will wed?  Gil-galad certainly knew what he spoke of when he said that to me of Celebrian,” Elrond asked.

Gil-galad had always predicted that Glorfindel’s reckless behavior and his disappearing acts at the sight of adoring maidens would get him caught sooner or later and the one who caught him, he’d never wish to leave.  Gil-galad had been right, as usual.

                  “ Not for awhile, Elrond.  Not for awhile.”


                  Êlenrana found that she was restless and began the trek back to the new library.  She had seen Valandil leave with his men.  She pushed open the door silently, about to slip in.

                  “ Then you will wed?  Gil-galad certainly knew what he spoke of when he said that to me of Celebrian,” Elrond had a huge smile on his face.

                  “ Not for awhile, Elrond.  Not for a while,” Glorfindel sighed as Êlenrana shut the door.

                  She would not go in there now and embarrass him for what he had said.  She sighed.  At least he had admitted it and she was glad.  She had no wish to wed now either.  The sorrow was still too new.  For once she wished her father were there.  He had always protected her and been strong for her, but now, she had to be strong for herself, or did she?  Glorfindel was quickly taking the position as her protector and she found that she did not mind as much as she thought she would have.